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PlayStation Classic is cheaper than it's ever been at 45% off

PlayStation Classic

It's official: you can get Sony's ill-launched PlayStation Classic retro revival console for less than the cost of a brand-new PS4 game. It appears that people aren't exactly picking up the device in droves, as it's now almost half off list price.

The console packs in 20 of the oddest classic game picks we would have expected of the brand's pedigree, but at least it includes two controllers? (Well, it does leave out the AC adapter...)

PlayStation Classic: $99.99 now just $54.99 at Amazon
Sony's stock of retro PS1 consoles doesn't seem to be moving as quickly as retailers would like, hence an immense discount on the thing to the tune of $45 or 45% off.View Deal

The PlayStation Classic is definitely the worst of the retro revival consoles to come out within the past few years. However, people are missing the point of such a purchase.

Pick one of these bad boys up, get at its insides, and side-load all of your favorite PS1 games that you have completely legal ROM files for; you'll have the ultimate retro PlayStation device. With that possibility in mind, this becomes a pretty unbeatable deal, no?