CEO Thorsten Heins says 'there's nothing wrong' with RIM

CEO Thorsten Heins says 'there's nothing wrong' with RIM
Reports of RIM's death have been greatly exaggerated, says Thorstein

The vultures may be circling above Waterloo following RIM's latest Week From Hell, but CEO Thorsten Heins remains adamant all is well at the company.

After last week's announcement of $643m (£409m) losses, dramatically decreasing handset sales, 5,000 jobs cuts and the delay of BB10 until 2013, a dark cloud hovers over the Canadian company.

Many observers are predicting the company will be sold off or split up, with some analysts even suggesting that it'll run out of resources before BlackBerry 10 handsets make it to market.

No such pessimism from Thorsten Heins though, who asserted that there's "nothing wrong with the company as it exists" in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC).

He said: "This company is not ignoring the world out there, nor is it in a death spiral."

Quick transition

"Research in Motion is the middle of a transition, the CEO added. "We're building a whole new mobile computing platform. And that is a huge program we are going through. We're doing in 18-20 months what others have used 24-36 months for. The whole company is focused around it.

"While we do this, we are still very focused on selling BlackBerry 7 in the U.S. and also in the rest of the world. This whole company is going through an orientation of new focuses around corporate customers, around consumers, around a whole new software platform, and that is quite a significant challenge to the company."

While not everyone will buy them, the comments are a smart ploy from Heins who has asserted himself as a calm, open-minded and deliberate leader at a time when RIM desperately needs a cool head.

The hope in Waterloo will be that Heins' remarks will reassure panicking shareholders enough to ensure the stock price doesn't drop off the face of the earth before RIM has a chance to get BB10 in the hands of customers.

Via: Forbes

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