How easy is it for your customer to make mobile payments?

How easy is it for your customer to make a mobile payments?

An ever increasing number of people are turning to shopping on their mobile (m-commerce outstripping e-commerce by 200 percent).

The issue as all shoppers know is that mobile shopping isn't as agile and speedy as it should be; checking out for example regularly takes you away from the mobile app/site to a payment page that isn't always optimised for mobile. This is just the start of the issue.

Paying through a mobile is regularly done away from a fixed line internet connection and current mobile payment systems are too bulky and data heavy resulting in the large number of "failed transaction" messages and why judo research earlier this year highlighted that 23.7 million mobile transactions failed in 2013

Dizzying heights

Shoppers want to use their mobile to shop, however for it to reach the dizzy heights expected in the next few years app developers must streamline mobile shopping processes

Payments is integral to the mobile shopping experience. A shopper wants to feel confident that their payment details are being handled in a secure and confident manner.

Businesses should take advantage of the technologies available to improve shopping services for consumers. PS.Postcards has recently installed judo's API technology into their app to reduce the time of making a payment to just two quick steps – 4 digit password and the payment cards CVS number and includes full PCI compliance for added security.

  • Dennis Jones, CEO at Judo Payments is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about consumer experience, design and all things mobile