PC sales might be even worse this year than first thought

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PC sales for 2023 might be even worse than everyone initially believed, according to industry analysts at IDC. 

The market researchers’ latest report now states that this year, there will be 403.1 million PC units shipped, down from the 429.5 million that the company forecast late last year - a decrease of 26 million, or 11.2% year-on-year.

Of the 403.1 million units shipped, 142.3 million should be tablets, according to IDC. The rest are traditional workstations, but every form factor is in decline regardless. Tablet shipments are expected to go down 12%, and classic PCs 10.7%.

Key factors

For IDC, the two key factors contributing to the slump in shipments are lower demand and tough macroeconomic conditions. The US dollar has strengthened over the last year, and that somewhat hindered global buying power. 

"With consumers no longer bound by COVID restrictions and commercial backorders for PCs largely completed, the second half of 2022 sent a strong signal that endpoint devices are no longer the focal point and that 2023 will be a time for inventory clearing and shifting priorities," IDC said in its report.

But there are certain parts of the market and future developments which might help drive the PC market upward, The Register reported. Schools will need new gear, for example, and the push towards Windows 11 should also make some businesses opt for a brand new device. 

As per research manager Jitesh Ubrani: "hybrid work and 1:1 deployments in schools have permanently increased the size of the total addressable market" and "will remain a bright spot."

The “sunsetting” of Windows 10 should boost sales in 2024 and 2025 as well, the IDC believes, as Microsoft is expected to stop supporting the OS by October 2025.

Furthermore, schools are expected to stack up on new Chromebooks and Android tablets that year. Apple, on the other hand, isn’t expected to make any significant gains during this time. 

Via: The Register

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