One of the best Modern Warfare 2 maps has been cut a day before launch

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta guide, keyart
(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Fans of Call of Duty savored all the detail given in the progression overview, and that’s just a taster of what’s to come on release day.

Even though the CoD series ranks high on most lists of the best FPS games, they had a lot to prove. Call Of Duty: Vanguard made a relatively tepid splash in 2021, and players had high hopes for this new game which, well, has the same name as an older game. Modern Warfare 2 brings with it a lot of expectations, but it seems we’re in for a satisfying blend of familiar and novel when the game drops – with a few rumored, hopefully temporary changes that might make fans of 10v10 maps balk.

Nightmare at the Museum

Reading the overview posted by Activision, we’re given some insight into the camo challenges, the game’s detailed weapons mastery system, and a glimpse at how the daily and career challenges will work. 

However, those who have been able to play the campaign mode had a nasty surprise when they realized that at the time of publishing, there are only 10 lots of 6v6 maps available to play, and the much-loved Museum map is nowhere in sight.

Based on the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, USA, the map has been a fan favorite for years. Trusted CoD Twitter source charlieINTEL, who also tweeted about the vanishing Museum map and restrictive team sizes, reported in September that all mentions of the Grand Prix map had been deleted from all promotional materials previously published by Activision.

With the Qatar Grand Prix taking place this year, supposedly this map removal is due to the detailed reimagining of these very high-profile, very public locations. Pair this detail with the nature of Call of Duty as an FPS title and you have the recipe for something rather problematic.

However, until we receive confirmation, this is purely speculation; it is highly likely that the maps will be added at a later date for the 10v10 map configuration launch, which would make sense given the sprawling size of the Museum map in particular.

TechRadar Gaming has reached out to both Activision and the Getty Museum for comment.

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