O2 and McAfee team up for mobile and broadband security

Telefonica, which owns O2 in the UK, has announced a new partnership with McAfee whereby the latter will provide bolstered security for mobile and fixed broadband deals customers.

The security solution in question is McAfee Secure Home Platform which will be integrated with O2’s broadband routers to cover every device in the home, including smart home gadgets which are a potential source of worrying security vulnerabilities.

Telefonica notes that it will also provide protection for customers when they are outside of the home using their mobile phone, and that this will be the first time a telecoms company has delivered umbrella security protection for users wherever they happen to be when they go online.

This new offering will begin to roll out across European markets and Latin America starting from this June.

Commitment to protection

Pedro Pablo Pérez, Global Security VP of Telefonica and CEO of ElevenPaths, Telefonica’s cybersecurity arm, commented: “At Telefonica we are very committed to increase levels of protection and privacy of our customers from the very first moment they connect to our networks and services.

“This agreement will allow us to do it transparently for our customer while giving them current and contextual information about what is their security status for all their devices and family members.”

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