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Newly-registered domain name tracking made easier with DomainTools' new feed

Malicious domains
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Domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence DomainTools has launched a new service that tracks all newly-registered and newly observed domains identified by its globe-spanning detection network.

Named Domain Discovery Feed, the real-time list produces daily information in the form of a running feed and lists all new domain details.

The Domain Discovery Feed is designed in text file format for the observed domain names.

Domain feed 

Dan Fernandez, Senior Product Manager at DomainTools offered more details on the launch of the Domain Discovery Feed, saying: "With nearly 20 years of experience gathering, processing, and provisioning domain-related data, DomainTools has built unmatched capabilities for detecting the presence of new domains, as well as changes to existing ones, making Domain Discovery Feed the most accurate and complete industry feed for harnessing new domain intelligence.”

Fernandez added that the new IP Risk products, IP Hotlist and Hosting IP Risk Feed, are unlike traditional IP reputation lists as they use predictive assessments based on DomainTools Domain Risk Score to predict how likely a given domain is to be malicious, even before the domain has been weaponized.

This is so that those in need of the information will have the ability to pinpoint and characterize some of the most dangerous infrastructure on the Internet.

In the same breath, the company announced a new line of IP Risk products to identify potentially dangerous infrastructure based on hosted domains. 

This brings the total number of feeds DomainTools offers to three, the second and the third being IP Hotlist - designed to track the risky population of hosting IP addresses and Hosting IP Risk Feed - a daily feed of all IP addresses found to be hosting at least one domain.

The IP Hotlist, created daily, offers tracking of IP addresses on the Internet that have had traffic to malicious domains while the Hosting IP Risk Feed contains all IPv4 addresses hosting at least one domain.

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