New Microsoft Edge browser versions paused due to coronavirus

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft it pausing the release of new major updates of its Edge browser due to coronavirus. 

The computing giant is following the example of Google, which made a similar announcement for its Chrome browser recently. Both Microsoft and Google feel that releasing an update would mean putting system administrators who are newly working from home under added stress.

Google will continue to release security patches for Chrome 80, but since Microsoft follows Google’s timeline for new releases, it will also just focus on fixing bugs in the current version of Edge browser.

Paused updates

Edge, Chrome or any new software updates requires extensive security testing, including compatibility checks with different operating systems and web applications. System administrators and other senior IT experts are responsible for a bug-free and stable release. However, current global circumstances with adjusted work schedules are not ideal for such critical release.

Google has also announced that due to the reduced staff around Covid-19, Android App review cycle may also get impacted.

“We are making this change to be consistent with the Chromium project, which recently announced a similar pause due to adjusted schedules, and out of a desire to minimize additional impact to web developers and organizations that are similarly impacted," Microsoft’s Edge blog post read.

"We will continue to deliver security and stability updates to Microsoft Edge 80. Preview channels (Canary, Dev, and Beta) will continue to update on their usual schedule.”

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