New Google Cloud tool could help businesses leverage AI

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Google Cloud has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tool to help businesses streamline their manufacturing and inspection process.

Named Visual Inspection AI, the new solution will allow businesses in the manufacturing sector to maximize operational savings by quickly training and deploying AI models to detect production defects.

"We've been listening to the specific needs of the industry, and have brought the best of Google AI technologies to help address those needs," said Mandeep Waraich, Head of Product for Industrial AI at Google Cloud.

"The outcome is an AI solution that, built upon years of computer vision expertize, is purpose-built to solve quality control problems for nearly any type of discrete manufacturing process."

Betting big on AI

With the launch of its new tool, Google has reaffirmed that it is betting big on AI to help take its cloud computing business to the next level.

In an interview with Bloomberg, on the sidelines of the Qatar Economic Forum, Google CFO Ruth Porat shared the company’s excitement about its AI investments and the opportunities they bring to its cloud business.

Porat said the company is banking on its focus on clients in the financial and retail sectors to give it an edge over the competition, mainly AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The Visual Inspection AI adds to the company’s growing portfolio of products that help extend the advantages of AI to SMBs, without the complexity. 

Notably though, Amazon has a similar offering in the form of Amazon Lookout for Vision that helps businesses inspect manufacturing defects using computer vision and AI.

Both Google and Amazon products claim their respective systems can be trained with a handful of images and can be run at the edge and rolled out as-a-service to help businesses further reduce deployment costs.

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