Surface RT fire sale could start as early as Sunday

Surface fire sale
Grab your Surface RT and dosey doe

Microsoft made some major reorganizing moves today, setting a new course for the company influenced by oneness. With all the good vibes in the air, it looks like Microsoft is preparing to remedy at least one festering sore in the coming days.

According to a report by The Verge and a posting on the Staples website, Microsoft is about to slash prices of its Surface RT tablets.

We've never been clear on how many slates Microsoft has sold with its mobile-devoted OS, but the fact that a price cut amounting to $150 per model (equal to £98, AU$163) is a sign the numbers aren't that stellar.

The outlined price cuts as applied to U.S. models of the devices (no information was provided for international variants), and show a Surface RT 32GB dropping to $349.99, the 64GB model to $449.99, 32GB with Touch Cover to $449.99 as well, and a 64GB with Touch Cover dipping to $549.99.

Falling soon

Office supply store Staples inadvertently or not posted an ad for a 32GB Surface RT for $349 later in the day, saying shoppers could save $150 on the product. That's savings down from its regular price of $499, mind you.

The deal is set to start on July 14, though there's a "valid" through date of July 20, so whether this is a permanent or temporary price cut isn't yet clear.

We've asked Microsoft for word on the price cut but were told the company doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.

Price reductions often come as a precursor to new product launches, and yesterday Microsoft seemingly confirmed that new Surface Pro and Surface RT models are en route. We're also waiting for smaller Windows devices to hit store shelves, so perhaps this is all a pre-release ploy to clear out old inventory.

The Verge also reported today that Microsoft has a number of new Surface accessories in the works, including a battery-packing keyboard cover.

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