Surface Pro 2 kicks old processor to the curb, now shipping with faster chip

Microsoft Surface Pro 2
New Pro 2 owners will find a faster processor inside

New year. New beginnings. New processors.

Microsoft has taken the latter especially to heart as the company has confirmed its Surface Pro 2 tablet is now shipping with an updated chipset.

The differences between the original Intel Core i5 4200U and new i5 4300U aren't monumental, though the 4300U does have a higher clock speed.

To put it in numerical perspective, the 4200U is clocked at 1.6GHz stock while the 4300U comes in at 1.9GHz.

Unheralded Surface Pro 2 changes

As gleaned from a statement sent to TechRadar by a Microsoft spokesperson, the company isn't making too big a fuss over the swapped processor.

"Microsoft routinely makes small changes to internal components over the lifetime of a product, based on numerous factors including supply chain partnerships, availability and value for our customers," the statement read.

So it's a small change, but one not unnoticed by users who've already got hold of the v2 slate.

Surface Pro 2 owners who returned their tablets - some following a botched firmware update in December - found their replacement machines home to the 4300U, which can hit 2.5GHz with Turbo Boost.

In addition to appeasing peeved purchasers, the updated tablet is also making its way through retail channels, meaning new customers should be able to snag the boosted Pro 2 in stores soon.

Via The Verge

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