Sony to release Vaio P 'mark 2' in October

Sony is preparing a Vaio P 'mark 2' for release in October or November 2009 - with the first Vaio P proving popular with the business crowd (and show-offs!)

While Sony's Vaio P series – the sexy ultra-portable 'notbook' that launched earlier this year – came under fire from critics for its painfully-slow boot-up and its frighteningly 'premium' price-tag, the Japanese computing giant has revealed that it still has plans to release a Vaio P 'mark 2' this coming autumn.

A Sony rep informed TechRadar at a recent launch event for its new Vaio NW laptop and Vaio W netbook that, while overall sales of the ultraportable P Series hadn't gone through the roof, they were still selling a significant amount to certain niche markets.

Significant enough, so it would seem, for Sony to be planning to release a new range of Vaio P ultraportable computers this coming October or November.

Faster boot-up time

Other than the fact that we will see the new Vaio Ps later in 2009 and that they will feature a much-improved boot-up time (as the last ones came under fire for both pricing and for the up to 90-second boot-up wait) details are currently scarce.It seems that the business sector has become quite fond of Sony's solid and almost pocket-sized computer.

Pricing-gripes aside, TechRadar was a fan of the Vaio P and we are glad to hear that Sony sells a good enough amount of the dinky computers in places such as airports and in its flagship stores in areas such as London's Tottenham Court Road.

No doubt we will hear more later in the summer or early autumn.For now, you can check out our first hands on with Sony's first 'proper' netbook – the new £399 Vaio W.

You can see more on Sony's current Vaio P Series range over at the European Sony Style store.