Samsung: Our Ultrabooks are worth the premium price tag

Samsung: Our ultrabooks are worth the premium price tag
Samsung Ultrabooks: Because we're worth it

Samsung reckons its Ultrabooks justify the hefty price tags they carry, even if the competition is cheaper.

Speaking to LaptopMag, Won Park, vice president of sales and marketing at Samsung, said the firm believes consumers will happily pay more for the right features, even though Ultrabook prices have reportedly taken a dip in recent times.

Park does admit "it's kind of an audacious move to go beyond the Ultrabook in terms of price", but Samsung clearly has confidence in its range of thin and lights, and the aggressive pricing strategy it has implemented.

Oh you show off

According to Samsung's senior vice president of PC sales and marketing Sungwon Song, the company is asking itself, "How can we deliver a product to consumers that they'll be proud to show off in public?"

Song goes on to explain that Samsung thinks it beats the competition when it comes to the design and manufacturing process, resulting in more expensive Ultrabooks.

All said and done, we were impressed with the Samsung Series 9 ultrabook when we reviewed it, even if it does carry an eye-watering price tag.

Some believe the Ultrabook is nothing more than a fad which will fade in time in much the same way as netbooks fell away, only to open the door to tablet boom we see before us today.

From LaptopMag via The Verge

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