Intel Broadwell arrives on Fujitsu's enterprise Lifebook, Stylistic Ultrabooks and convertibles

Fujitsu Lifebook
Fujitsu gives Lifebook a Broadwell refresh

Fujitsu has unveiled a new Stylistic tablet, two new Lifebook convertible laptops, and an Ultrabook running Intel's latest fifth-generation Core processors known as Broadwell. Broadwell's biggest appeal is stronger battery life, and Fujitsu claims up to 20-hour computing time on the Lifebook T935 convertible.

The enterprise class systems are equipped with Intel's vPro technology and come with security features such as Smart Card readers, embedded TPM, encrypted drives, and fingerprint scanners.

The range of devices include an Ultrabook-class Lifebook T935 2-in-1 with a swiveling tablet hinge, a Lifebook T725 2-in-1 with modular expansion bay, the 14-inch Ultrabook Lifebook U725, and a detachable Stylistic Q775 2-in-1.

Lifebook T935 and T725 convertible 2-in-1

Both 2-in-1 hybrid systems feature a bi-directional rotating hinge to convert the laptops into tablet mode. Fujitsu is highlighting the MIL-STD testing and features like strengthened glass displays and spill-resistant keyboards for road warriors on both systems.

Lifebook T935

Lifebook T935

The 13.3-inch T935 features a premium design with materials like magnesium housing and an aluminum palm rest that help keep the thickness at just 0.75 inches (1.9 cm). Though this model will give you up to 20 hours of power on a single charge, mobile users will appreciate the removable battery in the T935, allowing you to carry a spare when you run out of power.

Trading in the slimness of the T935, the 12.5-inch T725 is a no-compromise system with 15-hour battery life and a multitude of expansion options. The modular bay in the T725 can be used to accommodate a second battery while the Lifebook E Series docking station expands the number of available ports when you're using the T725 in the office.

Both models also support optional built-in 4G LTE mobile broadband connectivity.

Lifebook U745

Targeting users of the competing Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Fujitsu is billing its U745 as a 14-inch business-class Ultrabook. The 0.75-inch (1.9 cm) thick U745 features an HD+ anti-glare display with optional touchscreen configuration and the same magnesium housing and aluminum palm rest as the Lifebook T935 2-in-1.

With easy access to the battery, memory, and internal storage, users or IT departments can upgrade to a larger capacity SSD or change to a spare battery in the field if needed. A legacy VGA port is also found on the system, allowing easy connection to projectors.

For additional ports, the U745 works with the Lifebook E Series docking station. A backlit keyboard is not a standard option on this device and unlike the 2-in-1, the U745 doesn't benefit from a more rugged MIL-STD tested design.

For security, the U745 also has an option for a palm vein scanner.

Stylistic Q775 2-in-1

Unlike the Lifebook T935 and T725 convertibles, the Stylistic Q775's hybrid design allows you to detach the 13.3-inch display from the keyboard dock for tablet use. Boasting a semi-rugged design, the Q775 has a strengthened 13.3-inch glass display and MIL-STD tested design.

Stylistic Q775

Fujitsu Stylistic Q775

The Q775 also features support for pen input. The optional Shell Concept adds Smart Card, Palm Vein, mounting and mag stripe shells for different computing environments.


All systems will be coming in February of this year except the the Stylistic Q775, which will arrive in March. Fujitsu has not announced pricing for any of the systems at this time. For comparison, the base model Ultrabook Lifebook U904 that we reviewed came with a suggested retail price of $1549 (around £1363 or AU$1660).