Microsoft Viva wants to help you hit all your workplace goals

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Microsoft Viva has announced a suite of new updates to its goal-setting and objectives and key results (OKR) management solution in a bid to help more users increase goal-related clarity, productivity and motivation.

Among the changes are an improved integration with other company products, like Microsoft Teams and Planner, to better incorporate Viva Goals into everyday workflow, and further integration with Dynamics 365 that enables automatic updates from apps including Sales, Field Service, and Human Resources.

A new insights view has also been enabled for system administrators to track company-wide metrics, and a Power BI collaboration now enables users to utilize data-driven graphics inside the environment.

Tips for managing goals

Microsoft has also created a joint plan alongside research company Forrester to help workers stay motivated.

Among the key findings was the importance of clarity with regards to goal setting, which enables workers to be more focused, have a greater sense of purpose, and provides a sense of accountability. The research also found a distinct lack of sentiment among workers and leaders, which can be eliminated through the use of project management tools like Microsoft Viva Goals.

A lack of consistency was also uncovered, which is thanks in part to goals being regarded as a one-time exercise. Employees are said to have reported inconsistent follow-ups and progress check-ins, and an overall lack of time spent discussing and adapting goals. 

The new insights dashboard for Viva Goals is hoped to make it easier for leaders to track progress, serving as a reminder to engage in regular discussion and fine-tuning goals wherever appropriate.

All of the new features are available to try in Viva Goals as part of the broader Viva Suite package for £6.80 ($9.00) per user per month, or as a standalone Viva Goals package for £4.50 ($6.00) per month.

"In 2023, information, data, and hybrid teams will be spread across various geographies, systems, and technology stacks," wrote Vetri Vellore, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Viva Goals in a blog post announcing the launch.

"Unifying and contextualizing the most important information through a centralized, digital OKR system like Microsoft Viva Goals that integrates with already existing employee rhythms gives leaders and employees the visibility to be agile and make decisions with autonomy."

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