FIFA 23 will turn soccer players into Marvel superheroes

Park Ji-Sung as a superhero in FIFA 23
(Image credit: EA)

EA will dress up some of the most famous footballers of the past in skin-tight spandex, as part of an upcoming Marvel crossover with FIFA 23.

A handful of FIFA 23’s players will be reimagined as Marvel superheroes for the game’s Ultimate Team mode. Their FUT Hero Cards – in-game collectibles that first featured in FIFA 22 and present iconic moments of players’ careers – will be illustrated by Marvel artists in the style of classic superhero characters.

EA has revealed five of the special FUT Hero Cards so far, including those for the US’s Landon Donovan, Ivory Coast’s Yaya Touré, Portugal’s Ricardo Carvalho, South Korea’s Park Ji-sung, and Italy’s Claudio Marchisio.

Superpowered feet

Each player has been illustrated wearing a Marvel-esque costume, although the inspirations behind some are easier to identify than others. Donovan’s picture is heavily reminiscent of Captain America, while Ji-Sung’s new strip looks similar to Iron Man’s armor. Touré’s design mentions the Wakandan palace, The Citadel, although his costume doesn’t look directly inspired by any single character from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

While Marvel is busy bringing more of its classic characters to Disney Plus, EA’s getting a little more creative. Could a superpowered Landon Donovan take on She-Hulk in a fight? Probably not, but he’d probably score a few more goals on the pitch.

According to an EA FAQ, the special designs will roll out on November 11 when FIFA 23’s post-launch World Cup mode is released. Two FUT Hero Cards will be available for each player – a base version, which includes a standard photo of the player and will be included in the game at launch; and the special World Cup version that features better player stats.

The Marvel FUT Hero Cards will only be available for 21 players, however. We can expect to hear which other players will get the superhero treatment in the run-up to the game’s release on September 23. Other in-game items will be included in the collaboration, too, including tifos, kits, and balls. A tie-in comic book will even be released down the line.

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