Top PC games to keep you busy this Valentine’s Day

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It’s come up to that day again, the one where you tell that special someone – friend, family or lover – how much they mean to you.

Yep, it's Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t have to mean a break from gaming. There are more than enough great love stories, romantic experiences and just darn right ridiculous games out there dealing with romantic themes.

And, no, they’re not all dating sims!

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1. League of Legends

League of Legends is a great game to play with friends, solo or with a partner. Every year Riot Games release a Valentine’s Day skin or two, as part of, for example, its “Heartseeker”, “Sweetheart” or “Debonair” ranges.

In this legendary MOBA, you can play with up to five friends in a normal or ranked 5v5 on its main map Summoner’s Rift, or ARAM (All Random, All Mid) on the Howling Abyss map.

And on Valentine’s Day you’ve got to play as some of the recognized couples within the game, like Xayah and Rakan, Vi and Caitlyn? (hat tilt to Arcane), or Lucian and Senna.

Download the Riot Client for all Riot games including League of Legends.

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2. Final Fantasy VIII

Although the remaster initially received mixed reviews on Steam, Final Fantasy VIII remains right up there, having one of the greatest love stories ever told in games; that of Squall and Rinoa's.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a special someone because FF8 is a single-player title, and who says Valentine’s Day is only for couples? Only the coal-hearted, so enjoy some turn-based combat, a rich love story and insanely frustrating enemies.

Although, we often wonder if the true love story is with the lovers or Squall’s badass gunblade. Anyway, FF8 Remastered is available to purchase for PC on Steam.

Monster Prom screenshot

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3. Monster Prom

Monster Prom is a 1-4 player dating sim, and it’s delightfully ridiculous. In Monster Prom, you have to score yourself a prom date by getting to know your potential suitors and the wacky and sinful things they enjoy.

There are over 1,000 scenarios and events to journey through, and hilarious writing to keep you cackling for hours.

So, enjoy it with that special someone or some of your friends. But bear in mind, it’s all kinds of inappropriate, meaning it’s for mature audiences only.

Monster Prom and Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp are available on Steam.

It Takes Two poster

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4. It Takes Two

We had to include the Game Awards 2021 Game of the Year winner, It Takes Two from Hazelight. This is a charming tale that takes you on a dangerous, exciting, but more than anything heartening, journey of a couple finding their way back to each other and healing the fractures in their once-happy marriage.

It Takes Two is designed for cooperative play, so it would be silly not to include it on this list. Overcome challenges, level up your abilities and be prepared for madness and great storytelling.

It Takes Two and its free Friend’s Pass are available on Steam, Origin or EA Play.

Haven screenshot

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5. Haven

Haven is a stunning RPG adventure developed and published by The Game Bakers. It follows the journey of two lovers who escaped to another planet but face many obstacles to stay together.

Explore the forgotten land and live like a real couple: Get intimate, craft, cook, eat, collect resources, and work together to fight off enemies who want to pull you apart.

Haven is a single-player and co-op game, but the co-op mode is a whole different experience. Also, your partner can drop in and out of the game whenever they feel like it.

Haven is available to purchase on Steam.

A Way Out poster

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6. A Way Out

A Way Out is a co-op-only story-rich game by Hazelight. Play as Leo or Vincent, who are both imprisoned and determined to break out. Work as a team to solve puzzles, handle the myriad obstacles that come your way, and even go for a spot of fishing.

Alongside all the fighting, running and everything else you have to do to escape, expect a thrilling and moving story.

A Way Out is a perfect game to play with a friend or loved one. It's available on Steam, and if you get in fast enough there's 75% off until February 11.

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7. Life Is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors (developed by Deck Nine) is a single-player adventure game that will hit you in your feelings from beginning to end. Every decision you make has a reaction: so go the rules of life and love.

You play Alex Chen, a girl with supernatural empathic powers trying to learn how her brother died.

Build relationships with the people of Haven Springs, romantic ones too. You can choose between two characters, Ryan or Steph, to build a romance or friendship with.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is available on Steam, Stadia, and the Square Enix Store.

Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition poster

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8. Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition

Dragon Age? Yep... You might be scratching your head, but actually, fans of the legendary RPG series will know there is a lot of romance, and erm … lovemaking in Dragon Age, and why shouldn’t there be?

Dragon Age is an action-adventure RPG from BioWare. Play as a Grey Warden tasked with uniting a world fractured by civil war and the evil Archdemon. Explore, battle, and pursue romantic relationships with specific companions regardless of race and gender.

Dragon Age: Origins is available on Origin, and is currently on a 75% off sale till February 11 on Steam.

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9. Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is an open-world medieval strategy RPG from TaleWorlds Entertainment. Still in Steam Early Access, the game has you raising an army, raiding, fighting, exploring and dominating Calandria, a world ravaged by civil war.

Mount and Blade II is also a sim, which means you can die on the battlefield or through old age. So how will you continue your legacy?

You’ll have to meet, court and marry a woman (there are mods available for same-sex relationships) to sew your royal oats so your kin can continue in your stead.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is available to purchase on Steam.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition screenshot

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10. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect is a story-rich third-person sci-fi action RPG series from BioWare. The Legendary Edition is a compilation and remastering of the series and its DLC. In it the decisions you make matter as they will change the course of not just each game but all subsequent games.

Play as Commander Shepard (you choose whether said Shepard is female or male) on a mission to save the world from the Reapers, a sentient race of starships that destroy natural life every so many thousand years.

Pursue relationships: flirt, develop friendships or pursue xenophilic relationships irrespective of gender.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on Steam.

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