Kastle Systems evaluation

Kastle Systems evaluation
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Security is a vital concern for any business, and one essential consideration is whom you allow in and out of your premises. In this Kastle Systems evaluation, we explore one of the best access control systems available.

Today, access control is more than just providing employees with a key to the front door. Modern technology solutions enable employers to monitor who enters and leaves the premises and know when to block access to unwanted arrivals. Read on to learn about the features provided by Kastle Systems so you can decide if the company is the right option for you or your business.

Kastle Systems: Plans and pricing

Kastle Systems has an extensive range of services to offer its clients, which can vary from homeowners to large companies with numerous warehouse facilities. This means it is almost impossible to provide an average price estimate for the company's services.

Instead, you need to contact the company directly to obtain a bespoke quote. There is a simple form on the Kastle Systems website that you can fill in to be put in contact with a member of the sales team.

If you want to know how much a security system from Kastle Systems will cost, you will need to contact the team directly (Image credit: Kastle Systems)

Kastle Systems: How it works

As mentioned, before you can move forward with any service from Kastle Systems, you need to obtain a quote. There are many options available based on the facility that you wish to secure, the features that you want to include, and your specific business requirements.

Since each system is essentially a bespoke product, you will need to liaise directly with the sales team to design a solution for you. Once you have this in place, the Kastle Systems team will come directly to your premises to install the hardware required. 

The company also provides a monitoring service. This means that once the access system that you purchase is installed, you can benefit from ongoing maintenance and performance tracking to ensure that there are no issues with the solution that you choose.

Kastle Systems evaluation

Kastle Systems designs bespoke access solutions for its clients (Image credit: Kastle Systems)

Kastle Systems: Features & Services

Kastle Systems provides numerous options for access systems based on the facility that you have and the level of security that you require. 

Kastle Systems creates bespoke packages dependent on the size and nature of your premises. The offerings are categorized into commercial real estate, business office enterprises, multi-family residential, outdoor operations, and other specific use cases, such as education facilities. 

Kastle Systems provides several cloud-based solutions that enable users to manage their access systems remotely. Users can access the Kastle Systems dashboard from anywhere to perform usage analytics, edit and monitor door schedules, ban user access, and more.

The system is also initially monitored by the Kastle Systems team, who will alert you to any irregularities. As a cloud-based SaaS, the technology benefits from automated software updates too.

Kastle Systems’ flagship access hardware are its touchless devices. Secured to the entry points of premises, these devices enable permitted users to enter using a key card, fob, or smartphone application. 

Users can also gain access to multiple points using just a single credential. Essentially, this means you only need one access device to grant permission to enter multiple spaces. 

Kastle Systems provides numerous integration options for its technology. The company runs an open API, and as a result, access controls can be integrated with existing property management technologies and other platforms, such as tenant welfare applications.

Kastle Systems evaluation

Kastle Systems caters to organizations of all sizes and includes numerous integration options (Image credit: Kastle Systems)

Kastle Systems: Support and customer care

Kastle Systems provides managed access as a service. This means that once an access system is designed and installed on the premises, Kastle Systems agents monitor it constantly for performance and security, while ongoing maintenance (within the warranty of your specific product or service) and free software upgrades come as standard. 

Users benefit from 24/7 monitoring, with any worrying behavior reported to your administration team. There is also a dedicated account manager for every client, so you always have a direct point of contact in the Kastle Systems team.

Kastle Systems evaluation

Kastle Systems assigns a dedicated account manager to each of its clients and provides 24/7 support (Image credit: Kastle Systems)

The competition

Like Kastle Systems, Salto uses wireless access devices as standard to provide its customers with secure access to its facilities. The systems that it uses are simple and easy to install, and users can download access keys to their mobile phones instead of relying on key fobs or access cards. However, unlike Kastle Systems, there are only three tiers of product, so there is less room for scaling. 

Honeywell is a well-known and respected brand. It has many varieties of products and access solutions and can scale to any size organization. That said, the hardware solutions that it provides don’t include mobile phone access.

Customer experience

Kastle Systems has won numerous awards for its services and is consistently rated as one of the best access control service providers by various institutions. Generally, customers of Kastle Systems appear to be happy with the service.


Customers note the attention to detail of the Kastle Systems team and the bespoke service that they receive. This chimes with the company’s own marketing, which focuses on one-on-one customer service and individual options for every client. In one example that we found during our research, Kastle Systems scored a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5, based on 297 reviews.


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