Joe Danger back on mobile thanks to one dad's heartfelt plea

Joe Danger sidescrolling gameplay remaster iOS release
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Hello Games has remastered and re-released its Joe Danger video game for iOS; a decision prompted by a letter the studio received from a father who specifically requested it be brought back.

In a Twitter thread, Hello Games' co-founder Sean Murray shared the letter they received after Apple updated the iOS store, causing a bunch of games including Joe Danger to no longer work.

The father, whose name is being kept anonymous, explained in his letter that Joe Danger was his son's favorite game. His son also has autism and Joe Danger helped him to socialize and it effectively became a coping mechanism to help him with stressful situations.

"This mail broke our hearts and made us want to set things right," explains Murray. "As game devs it's so easy to underestimate the impact even your smallest games can have. It blows my mind that something you make can be someone's first game they played, hit at an important time or even be their favorite thing for a while."

As of right now, both the original Joe Danger and Joe Danger Infinity are available again on Apple's app store and can be purchased separately or together in a bundle. If you still own the original games, they'll be updated for free.

These remasters boast improved visuals and a higher framerate, as well as game pad support.

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Joe Man's Sky

Hello Games is best known for creating No Man's Sky, but Joe Danger was the first game it ever released and its success helped the studio break into the industry.

The original Joe Danger released in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and eventually saw ports to iOS, Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation Vita.

A side-scrolling platformer with racing elements, you play as the titular Joe Danger, a motorbike stuntman who must complete a variety of levels while performing tricks.

Joe Danger Infinity is an auto-runner which only ever released for iOS in 2014. Aside from a bike, Joe can also drive other vehicles like a car and a tank.

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