Jacuzzi walk-in tub

Jacuzzi walk-in tub
As a storied hot tub brand, Jacuzzi brings the best hydrojet system into your bathroom with the Jacuzzi walk-in tub (Image credit: Jacuzzi)

In our Jacuzzi walk-in tub review, we take a close look at Jacuzzi’s historic brand and how it has become synonymous with hot tubs and hydrotherapy. We also evaluate the two available models, looking at the available features, the construction, and the style. 

We also look at the pricing in comparison to other brands. Overall, while Jacuzzi isn’t the most affordable walk-in tub brand and the options are limited, they offer a full-service installation as part of the price. And with a brand like Jacuzzi, you can expect a high level of expertise when talking to a Jacuzzi dealership, as well as a quality-made walk-in tub. 

About Jacuzzi

While Jacuzzi may not be the oldest brand in our walk-in bath review (that honor goes to Kohler and American Standard), Jacuzzi is the most famous brand, at least in terms of jetted tubs. This brand has become so synonymous with hot tubs that many people refer to any hot tub as a "Jacuzzi," despite the actual brand, just as many people refer to any tissue as a Kleenex. 

Jacuzzi started in the early 1900’s from a family of brothers who worked in aviation and agriculture. They invented the first submersible water pump, and this led to the first hot tub, making Jacuzzi the first company to venture into hydrotherapy.

Jacuzzi walk-in tub review

The Finestra Walk-in Bath is aimed towards the DIY crowd. (Image credit: Jacuzzi)

With such a storied history in hot tubs and hydrotherapy, it’s only natural for Jacuzzi to venture into walk-in tubs, providing seniors and people with mobility issues to enjoy a bath while receiving the same benefits of a Jacuzzi hot tub.

Jacuzzi’s role as a leader in hydrojets and bathtubs has made them an industry innovator, from the motors to the cleaning systems. One of the best features to a brand like Jacuzzi is it's not difficult to find a store to test the tub before you buy it. Jacuzzi showrooms are in nearly every major city and the brand offers free test soaks.

The best walk in tub for epsom salt baths 


Let’s face it, if you choose a Jacuzzi, the chances are you’re doing so because you know the brand name better than the others. There’s something to that. And with over a 100 years of experience behind hot tubs, there’s a level of trust built into the product that other brands simply can’t reach. In other words, you don’t build such a storied brand without creating a good product. And this is clearly what happens, as Jacuzzi bathtubs and hot tubs are highly rated. However, when it comes to the walk-in tubs, the Jacuzzi might have two solid choices, but that’s it. It’s a bit underwhelming by comparison. 

Jacuzzi has just two walk-in tub models. The Jacuzzi Walk-in Bath and the Finestra. Both have a similar shape and style. In fact, there’s little difference in them. Both have a wide-opening door with a knee curve, making it easier to open when you’re sitting down. And both come with 10 hydrojets and can have lights.

While the tub features Jacuzzi’s patented hydro jet motors with ten strategically placed jets, it lacks other features more common in high-end tubs. There aren’t air jets. And while it has an industry leading fast-fill faucet, it doesn’t have a quick drain feature.  You can get a chromotherapy feature added to the tub, which gives you ambient lighting in the water. But for most seniors, this is an unnecessary expense. If you want a lighting ambience to help you relax, there are cheaper ways of achieving it. It does come with an inline heater, which is excellent for keeping the water temperature warm throughout the duration of your bath. In addition, the patented hydrojets have a self-cleaning feature to keep it free from smelly bacteria.

Jacuzzi walk-in tub review

The knee-cut in the door of the Jacuzzi walk-in bath makes it easier to open when you're sitting. (Image credit: Jacuzzi)

The Jacuzzi walk-in tub features grab bars and non-slip surfaces, so it’s designed to be safe. However, there aren’t any outward swinging door options, wheelchair accessible options, or bariatric options. The lack of options overall is a little concerning.

 One of the best aspects to the Jacuzzi walk-in tubs is the compatibility with Epsom salts. Many people take Epsom salt baths because it helps soften skin and aids in relaxing. Some sources claim it helps detoxify your body. Either way, if you like to take Epsom salt baths, the Jacuzzi walk-in tubs are the only walk-in tub we’ve reviewed that are approved for it. Most manufacturers don’t approve Epsom salts because the salt is too harsh on the water jets and other components.

The warranty for the Jacuzzi walk-in bathtubs is excellent. With a lifetime warranty on all parts, it’s one of the best warranties you can get. Most manufacturers limit the warranty to 10 or 15 years for the tub and one to five years for the motor and electrical components. That said, as with other warranties, the Jacuzzi lifetime warranty only applies to the first owner.

Cost comparison

It’s difficult to know how much a Jacuzzi walk-in tub costs because you have to get a quote from a local dealership. And that means it can vary according to where you live. Because you’re dealing directly with the Jacuzzi dealership, your installation and setup is included in the price, taking the hassle out of finding professionals to do the work for you. That said, various publications have put the price range between $6,000 and $12,000 depending on the features and the complexity of the installation.

Jacuzzi walk-in tub review

The chromotherapy options adds colorful lights to the tub to aid in relaxation. (Image credit: Jacuzzi)

The Jacuzzi walk-in bath model includes a full professional installation service in the price. It’s unclear if Jacuzzi has made arrangements for a no-contact installation during the pandemic, but this means they will remove your old tub, deliver the new one, and install it. And since you’re using Jacuzzi installers, the warranty is safe. However, the Finestra models are aimed for the DIY crowd and don’t include the installation. If you’re trying to save some money, this might be the better option. However, we don’t recommend walk-in tubs as a DIY project. There is too much that could go wrong with the plumbing and electrical.

Final verdict

If you want to go with a trusted brand that has over a 100 years of experience building and designing high-quality bathtubs with one of the best warranties on the market, then Jacuzzi is a solid choice. After all, going with a Jacuzzi is like bringing a hot tub into your bathroom. That said, the models are limited, so if you don’t like the style or you want a lot of air jets, this isn’t going to be the choice for you. 

We like that the Jacuzzi walk-in bathtubs are epsom salt friendly, but the lack of air jets, a wheelchair accessible option, or a quick drain feature is a concern. Jacuzzi might make the best hydrotherapy jets on the market with the best in-line heater, providing a hot tub experience in your bathroom, but the limited options mean this isn’t the best choice for everyone.

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