BT Business partners with EE to make 4G free for SMBs

BT's speeding up the cloud

If you're looking to snag your small business faster mobile connectivity without breaking the bank, BT's latest offer might make your ears prick up.

In a company blog post, the UK's incumbent telco announced that it's offering 4G for free to all business customers that take up a BT Business Mobile connection.

The 4G service in question runs over the BT Business national mobile service, which was facilitated by an agreement signed with EE earlier this year.

And should you run into an area without 4G coverage, BT will let you log onto one of its 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots scattered across the UK - for free.

Compared with 3G, 4G mobile connectivity allows businesses to do more on the move, whether that's connecting to cloud services, streaming HD video or downloading large presentations or files.

On the move

Graham Sutherland, CEO, BT Business, highlighted BT research that showed that 24% of employees now regularly work out of the office.

He said: "As part of our strategy to offer a portfolio that provides value for money and meets the changing needs of businesses, we've designed our new mobile plans to cater for this.

"Our new plans give customers the connectivity they need to help them stay productive when out and about, along with the flexibility to choose a plan that suits their way of working."

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