IBM and The Weather Channel launch Covid-19 tracking maps

Covid-19 Tracking Map
(Image credit: IBM)

Finding accurate and up-to-date information on the spread of the coronavirus is essential for researchers and scientists which is why IBM and its subsidiary The Weather Channel have released new tools to help do just that.

While there are already a number of tools available online from the WHO and John Hopkins University to track the coronavirus, fake coronavirus maps created by cybercriminals have also sprung up which infect users' systems with malware.

IBM and The Weather Channel's new initiative combines data from legitimate sources in addition to reported data from both the state and county level in the US. All of this information is gathered on an incident map which displays color-coded reported case data for states and counties.

These new tools will also bring Covid-19 mapping and analysis to more users by displaying this information from within The Weather Channel's app and on its website.

Analytics dashboard

In addition to bringing Covid-19 information to The Weather Channel, IBM has also launched a more in-depth analytics reporting dashboard that provides views of global reported cases as well as the rate of spread by using available data, county-by-county statistics and more.

The company's new dashboard runs on its Watson and Cognos Analytics tools and is intended to be used by researchers, public officials and the general public.

IBM is also providing fact-checking resources and practical guidance for Covid-19 patients and the general public. This will help keep people informed about the spread of the virus and the steps they can take to prevent themselves and others from becoming infected.

By releasing a new dashboard and including coronavirus information directly in The Weather Channel app, IBM is making sure that researchers, scientists and the general public can remain informed without exposing themselves to potential security threats online.

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