New Humble Games Black Game Developer Fund recipients are the exciting future of PC gaming

Black Game Developer Fund
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Humble Games’ annual $1 million Black Game Developer Fund is still going strong as news of eight new recipients has been announced.

Since its inception in June 2020, the Fund has provided over 25 developers and studios financial support, resources and guidance from industry professionals.

Let’s find out a bit about some of the developers and the games they are working on.

CryoGX – Advent Neon

CryoGX is a studio created by indie developer Larry Boyd. It's working on Advent Neon, a retro 2D action platformer. Larry has a background in computer science and a love for music and art, and that’s very evident in Advent Neon.

You play as Neon, a robot who has to restore balance to Neopolis. There are seven districts to navigate your way through, fighting enemies to gain “resonance”, the power source in the game. In Advent Neon, you wall jump, dash, and attack-chain your way to victory.

If you’re itching to get a taste of Advent Neon, fear not! Not only can you Wishlist it on Steam, but you can also try out its free demo.

Jordan Scott – Arbiter

Arbiter is by developer Jordan Scott. In this single-player action-adventure game, you play as Ashe, who must defeat demonic spirits known as Umbras and Ethers. What’s so special about Ashe? Well, he’s the newest Arbiter, and Arbiters are the only ones powerful enough to take on the demonic spirits.

In Arbiter, you can shape-shift into four different spirit forms. You can also jump between dark or light powers, and equip up to eight different abilities. Combat is at the heart of Arbiter, so expect satisfying combos, swordplay and sharp, fast movement; plus, you absorb the power of the bosses you defeat. Pretty cool, eh?

Follow Arbiter on Twitter, Facebook and join the Discord to keep up to date with its development.

Kaizen Creed – 5 Force Fighters

5 Force Fighters is a side-scrolling 2D action fighting game from three-person indie studio Kaizen Creed.

In Story Mode, follow the 5 Force Fighters (Blaine, Pebbles, Cocoa, Pomme and Stralechi), to see how they unite to take down their enemy Ken Sagre. There are four other game modes: Challenge (a selection of mini-games), Training, and local and online multiplayer.

5 Force Fighters promises a “jazzy, hip-hoppy soundtrack” with fun combat options, like super force meter, which allows you to land super moves to destroy your enemies.

5 Force Fighters is out on August 24, 2022, but in the meantime you can add it to your Wishlist on Steam.

Screenshot of Distraction Machine

(Image credit: Miscellaneum Studios)

Miscellaneum Studios – Distraction Machine

Distraction Machine is a puzzle game centered around music. The development house behind it, Miscellaneum Studios (founded by Lateef Martin) also makes comics, music, and more. It considers inclusivity to be a core value.

Paradise City is a shadow of its former self, following a zombie apocalypse that left few survivors. You play as a "distractor" whose job is to fulfil requests from your “cycle punk” community, using music to lure and trap zombies while uplifting your community from the misery of their devastated city.

You’ll also have to send out "followers" to scavenge various sites around the city and collect parts to create "bike-based instruments". Each site contains different materials, and each follower has unique skills, so choose wisely.

For all things Miscellaneum Studios and Distraction Machine, follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Neo Interactive – Samurai Zero

Heavily influenced by feudal Japanese samurai, Samurai Zero is a third-person tactical RPG hack and slash by Neo Interactive, an indie studio founded by Marlowe Ethos Crawford.

Play as a three-person team or solo it up through Edo, a stunning science fantasy world, as one of “super-powered Samurai”, Cinder, Ryder, Luna and Wraith. Each Samurai is unique and possesses signature attacks and abilities that affect teamplay and combat.

Samurai Zero promises fast-paced combat with “skillful competitive mechanics” and “tactical game modes”.

If you’re like us and can’t wait to get your hands on Samurai Zero, you can Wishlist it on Steam, where you can also sign up to be a playtester.

Pancake Games Studio - Slime Heroes

Slime Heroes is an adorable serving from Pancake Game Studio, founded by artist and lead designer Tomas Gomez.

In Slime Heroes, you play as a slime burdened with saving the world from an evil fog that has infested and corrupted all living things except them.

Play solo or multiplayer coop to defeat corrupted minions and collect skill gems that can create “thousands of unique magical abilities” to use in combat. What’s super cool about Slime Heroes is its convenient coop mode, which allows your friends to jump into your game at any time and get right into the fray.

So be sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist.

Soft Not Weak – Spirit Swap Lofi Beats to Match-3 To

Brought to you by “worker-owned” game co-op Soft Not Weak, Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 To is a colorful and fun part visual novel match-3 game.

In Spirit Swap’s story mode, you have to match lost spirits to cast spells. The big twist here is you do it to the lo-fi beat. You can decorate the main character Samor’s bedroom with the trinkets you get during the game; you can also form romantic relationships with the witches and demons you encounter along the way.

There’s also competitive multiplayer, survival, time attack, local coop and score attack modes to enjoy.

Try out the free demo, join the Discord and mailing list, and add it to your Wishlist on Steam.

RainBros logo

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RainBros is a studio founded by game designer and developer Akira Thompson. There’s no information available on the newest title from the RainBros team just yet, but since “RainBros’ mission is to craft experiences that provide its players with perspectives they may not have otherwise considered,” we’re sure whatever is coming will be thought-provoking.

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