Huawei launches full smart city platform

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Huawei has set out its aim to become the backbone behind smart cities across the world with the launch of a new platform release.

The snappily-titled Digital Platform for smart cities looks to help governments and other organisations develop, tests and deploy smart urban initiatives, bringing together technologies such as AI, hybrid cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).

This includes a central Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC) which can allow officials to bring together a variety of different feeds such as video and data sensors, to create real-time live 3D maps to spot potential problems such as traffic build-up or pollution hotspots.

The system can also use predictive AI models to make models for the future, analysing trends from the past to provide information on potential issues.

Huawei smart cities

Unveiled at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Huawei's platform looks to build on its existing expertise in the IoT and smart city space. The company says that its Smart City Solution is already in operation in more than 160 cities in over 40 countries, including European locations such as Duisburg in Germany and Sardinia in Italy.

Huawei says that the platform can be scaled depending on the needs of the city it serves, with services able to be added in or taken away as needed.

“The development of a smart city is a highly complex project," said Ma Yue, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group.

"Just like an operating system, the platform is compatible with different city sensors, creates a city digital twin, and supports diverse city applications. Huawei’s Digital Platform is highly efficient and open to facilitate collaboration with ecosystem partners. It also offers top-level design, integration, operations, service application, and other capabilities required for effective smart city development. 

The company now hopes that its Digital Platform will go on to form the foundation of even more smart cities, promoting sustainable development worldwide.

Mike Moore
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