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Hey World Blog and Newsletter
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Creating your own blog or newsletter has never been easier with the growing number of blogging sites and email marketing software now available but the alternative email provider Hey wants to make things even simpler with its new Hey World service.

The service is being offered as a free addition to Hey's paid email plans and it allows users to create a blog post or newsletter just by sending an email.

To get started, Hey users will need to send an email to world@hey.com after which, the subject of the email will become the post's headline while the body of the email will become the blog post itself.

Hey World

Once users have sent their first email, Hey will automatically create a blog for them by adding their user name to the end of the URL world.hey.com. All of future posts will then be added to the blog which also features an RSS feed as well as an email subscription box so that their followers can keep up with their latest posts.

In a blog post announcing Hey World, co-founder Jason Fried explained how he came up with the idea for the new service, saying:

“When I write a certain kind of email — aka a blog post — why do I have to address it to someone? Why can't I just address my thoughts to the world? Direct to the web for anyone and everyone? Rather than define the recipients, I just write and let the recipients find me. Hmm! That might get me — and maybe many more — to (re)discover the joy of simply writing personal thoughts for public consumption. Sometimes you don't have to change the thing itself, but rather just make the thing considerably easier than it's ever been before. That's often the invitation you need to try something new, or jump back in again.”

Hey's new Hey World blogs are now available to all of the company's subscribers with personal accounts though unfortunately, users on business accounts won't be able to try out the new service just yet.

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