Here’s why Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras are the perfect gift this holiday season

Sylvania Dash Camera
(Image credit: Sylvania)

Dash cameras have been around for a while now, but to date, development of them has been a little...stagnant. They’ve been high-quality, but few go that extra mile to keep you safe. That is now finally changing, with Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras. 

Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras allow you to add modern, high-end features that keep you and your car safe, no matter the age of your vehicle That’s right, Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras can be installed in any car of any age or model, heightening security and providing peace of mind. That makes them a perfect gift, because you don’t have to research whether or not the camera will work well with the recipient’s car.

There are a number of models in the Sylvania Roadsight dash camera line, but they all offer excellent features. You’ll get 1296p HD video quality, ensuring details are crystal clear no matter what happens. And, they offer wide-angle lenses too, which means you’ll be able to see as much as possible in recorded footage.

Sylvania Roadsight dash camera back

(Image credit: Sylvania)

Those features are already pretty stellar, but some of Sylvania’s Roadsight dash camera products take things to the next level. For example, you’ll get a 1440p resolution with a massive 140-degree wide-angle lens on the Stealth series, ensuring that footage is even clearer and more detailed.

Of course, perhaps even better than the basic camera specs are the smart features. Sylvania Roadsight Stealth, for example, automatically powers on and off with your vehicle making it incredibly easy to use. Many of the cameras offer  built-in GPS which can track your speed and route in the event you ever need it. 

Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras offer other features too. For example, they use loop recording, so if you run out of storage, it’ll only overwrite the oldest footage with the newest. The cameras will even keep your car safe and sound when you’re not driving. They have a built-in G-Sensor to detect when your car has been hit, and will start recording. You can then quickly and easily see that footage if you’re within Bluetooth range using the smartphone app.

Ultimately, all these features deliver an experience designed to keep users safe, and that’s partly what helps make them such a great gift. In the end, you probably won’t realize you need footage from a dash camera until something happens. Whether you need it for insurance or safety purposes, it’s always a good idea to capture footage of your drive. 

You can check out the Sylvania Roadsight line of dash cameras for yourself straight from the Sylvania website


With a high resolution, wide-angle lenses, and a range of smart features, Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras are designed to keep you and your car safe all the time, even when your car is parked.