Google wants to make sure you never forget a password again

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Remembering all your different website logins and passwords is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to a new release from Google.

The online giant has revealed it is combining a number of its existing online sign-in tools and APIs into a single SDK (software development kit) offering for developers to add into their websites.

The new Google Identity Services includes the "Sign in with Google" service used to access third-party websites using your Google account, alongside a new one-touch authentication service known as One Tap.

Sign in with Google

One Tap looks to make signing in to desktop and mobile websites with your Google account a much simpler process - with logging in completed with just a single touch or click.

Unlike many traditional sign in buttons, One Tap can prompt the user to log in on any page, meaning users do not need to be redirected to a landing page, which can disrupt the browsing process.

The new One Tap prompt will slide down from the top right of a website, and up from the bottom up on a mobile device, allowing users a quick and easy way to sign in without always needing to remember their username and password details.

Google One Tap security sign in system on a mobile phone

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Google is also launching an improved "Sign in with Google" button, which will now display personalized user details for returning users, showing the user account that is being selected.

The company says the launch of Google Identity Services offers a more secure offering, with the platform designed to protect against a wide range of cyberattacks, as well as including its "robust" anti-abuse and anti-fraud system.

"Every day, we focus on putting users in control of their data by building products that are secure by default and private by design," noted Filip Verley, Product Manager, Google Identity in a blog post announcing the launch.

"But the most common online security vulnerability occurs beyond our own products, where users sign in to online accounts using bad passwords. Each day millions of passwords are exposed in data breaches putting users’ personal information at risk. At Google, keeping users safe online is our top priority, so we continuously invest in new tools and features to keep their personal information secure."

Analysis: a welcome boost

When it comes to being online, more security and more protection is always welcome.

Google's work on looking to secure user accounts is admirable, with the company investing huge amounts into research and development to fight back against fraud and other cybercrime.

Some may worry about the company's creeping into third-party sites with this new SDK, but if it helps boost user security, surely this can only be a good thing?

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