Google wants to help businesses make sure your package arrives on time

Google Last Mile Fleet Solution
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As the pandemic has accelerated the ecommerce market and led more consumers to shop online, Google Cloud has launched two new solutions designed to help fleet operators meet the challenges posed by increased demand.

With the search giant's new Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API, fleet operators can improve delivery success while also optimizing the performance of their fleets.

Google's Cloud Fleet Routing API allows operators to perform advanced fleet-wide optimization so that they can determine the allocation of packages to delivery vans and the sequencing of delivery tasks. The new solution is also natively integrated with Google Maps routes data and can solve simple route planning requests in near-real-time with the ability to scale to meet demanding workloads with parallelized request batching.

Meanwhile, Google's Last Mile Fleet Solution focuses on delivery execution and allows operators to optimize every stage of their last-mile delivery journey all the way from ecommerce order to doorstep delivery. It builds on Google Maps' existing On-demand Rides & Deliveries solution which is already used by ride-hailing and on-demand delivery operators around the world.

Improving the last-mile delivery journey

When implemented together, Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API include all of the features needed to help businesses optimize every stage of their last-mile delivery journey.

For instance, address capture can help obtain an accurate address and location for each pickup or delivery while route optimization ensures drivers are provided with routes tailored to the constraints of their company's fleet and adapt based on real-time traffic data.

Consumers can also benefit as shipment tracking keeps them updated with live, day-of shipment tracking that includes up-to-date location and arrival times of heir packages.

Managing director of global supply chain & logistics industries at Google Cloud, Hans Thalbauer provided further insight on the company's latest solutions for delivery fleet operators in a press release, saying:

"The pandemic further accelerated both e-commerce and the number of deliveries, which were already growing rapidly. The increased strain on delivery networks, plus many other factors like driver shortages, poor address data, factory closures, and an increase in fuel prices have impacted delivery time and success. With Google Maps Platform's Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API, we're making it easier for delivery fleet operators to address these issues and create seamless experiences for consumers, drivers, and fleet managers."

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