Google just bought this cybersecurity startup for half a billion dollars

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Google Cloud has announced that it has acquired the Israeli cybersecurity startup Siemplify as part of its ongoing efforts to make it easier to for security teams to combat the latest cyber threats.

While neither company disclosed the terms of the deal, a new report from the Israel-based publication CTECH estimates the price of the acquisition is around $500m.

Founded in 2015 by Amos Stern, Alon Cohen, and Garry Fatakhov, Siemplify is a leading security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) provider that shares Google Cloud's vision when it comes to advancing invisible security and democratizing security operations at every organization.

CEO at Siemplify, Amos Stern praised the deal in a blog post and explained how its technology along with that of Google's cybersecurity company Chronicle will help security professionals defend their organizations against the latest cyber threats, saying:

"We’re excited to join Google Cloud and build on the success we’ve had in the market helping companies address growing security threats. Together with Chronicle’s rich security analytics and threat intelligence, we can truly help security professionals transform the security operations center to defend against today’s threats."

Siemplify and Chronicle

Once the deal closes following regulatory approval, Google aims to integrate Siemplify's capabilities into Chronicle in such a way that enterprises will be able to modernize and automate their security operations.

By unifying Siemplify's SOAR capabilities with Chronicle's innovative approach to security analytics, the search giant aims to further realize Google Cloud's vision of a modern threat management stack which empowers customers to go beyond typical security event and information management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR) tooling. This will enable better detection and response at the speed and scale required by modern environments. 

The Siemplify platform provides a workbench that enables security teams to manage risk better while also reducing the cost of addressing threats. The company's technology allows Security Operation Center analysts to manage their operations from end-to-end, respond to cyber threats with speed and precision and get smarter with every analyst interaction.

As part of the deal, Siemplify's 200 employees in Israel, the US and the UK will join Google and we'll likely hear more about how Google Cloud plans to leverage the company's SOAR capabilities in Chronicle once the acquisition is complete.

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