Google Cloud wants to help firms squeeze maximum value out of their data

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Google Cloud has announced several new features hoping to boost the performance of its BigQuery service and help accelerate business intelligence (BI) workloads.

BigQuery is a fully-managed, platform-as-a-service data warehouse that helps business crunch petabytes of data into useful analysis. Now, users will be able to get faster results by leverage on the BI Engine and materialized views for BigQuery.

“The performance gains provided through these enhancements allows organizations to provide employees with increased access to data at scale and empower them with the ability to make fast data-driven decisions that directly impact the business,” Google Cloud noted.

Significant performance gains

Google Cloud highlighted that the BI Engine will ensure optimal performance and reduce overall load times for the dashboards, ensuring that queries don’t hang around waiting for data. Similarly, the materialized views will help improve the performance of queries.

To better illustrate the impact of the enhancements, the press release notes that these changes helped one of its customers, Sunrun, increase user performance by about 40% when interacting with data.

“Our business users are hungry for data and expect a lot from our team, so as soon as we had the opportunity to turn on BI Engine for BigQuery and Looker, we did and the performance-matched to the speed of business expectations and greatly improved the load times for dashboards,” notes Harish Ramachandraiah, Director of Engineering and Analytics at Sunrun.

The release notes that BI Engine is now natively integrated into BigQuery’s API and materialized views are also automatically available for use in BigQuery starting today. 

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