Get ready for an AI Christmas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is set to play a significant role for many families this Christmas, new research has said.

A report from Accenture found that 84 percent of people in the UK will use AI at some point this Christmas as the technology becomes an increasingly common presence in homes across the country.

Online shopping, entertainment streaming and navigation among the most popular apps and services using AI technology that consumers will encounter this Christmas, although 60 percent of respondents said that they did not realise they would be interacting with AI in doing so.

AI Christmas

The report also found many consumers still admit to not being completely comfortable with having AI technology in their lives, with only 20 percent saying they would be happy have AI running their Christmas.

Nearly half (46 percent) said they were concerned about privacy and security, with 25 per cent expressing worries that AI isn’t responsible or ethical.

“AI has become part of everyday life for many people, albeit often without them knowing what’s under the bonnet of their technology. However, trust issues still exist that are preventing some people using technology that has an AI label on it," said Emma Kendrew, Artificial Intelligence Lead at Accenture Technology UK. 

“AI takes some mundane chores off our hands and frees us up to focus on more important things – not just at Christmas but all year round. Part of bridging that trust gap is showing people the many benefits that AI can bring – and playing a prominent role in so many Christmas celebrations could do a lot to change perceptions.”

Mike Moore
Deputy Editor, TechRadar Pro

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