Steam Linux beta launching in October

Steam gaming arrives on Linux
Steam gaming arrives on Linux

Valve is going full steam ahead with its Linux plans, announcing the start of an external beta for the Linux Steam client.

An internal Linux beta is planned to launch next week, with the doors opening to 1,000 users for a private external beta "sometime in October."

While the Linux beta will have limited availability, it will have even more limited features. For example, it will include the Steam client and one compatible Valve game. Features like the new Big Picture Mode and additional games will not be supported in this version either.

Valve has not confirmed which game will be included, but given the Linux team's success in porting Left 4 Dead 2 to the OS, it seems to be the most likely choice.

The Linux version of Steam has been in the limelight ever since Valve CEO Gabe Newell famously called Windows 8 "a catastrophe" for PC game makers earlier this year.

Beta late than never

The beta will support Ubuntu 12.04 and above, but Valve suggests that only those users well versed in Linux apply for the initial use.

Users new to Linux are told to wait for a more complete version of the Steam client, with more features implemented and an easier to understand install process.

Interested users will be able to register for the external beta through a signup page, which will be posted closer to the launch.

Via Valve