Final Fantasy 16's battle director believes this title is perfect for newcomers

Final Fantasy 16 character holding a gem
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 battle director, Ryota Suzuki believes that this upcoming installment in the long-running series is just the title to get newcomers invested in the action RPG franchise. 

Final Fantasy 16's new demo has been making waves as of late, and it's not just because it'll let you take progress into the full game. Like the Final Fantasy 7 remake, this upcoming action game is set to be immersive and accessible, especially for first-time fans. 

The battle director for Final Fantasy 16, Ryota Suzuki, backed this sentiment up claiming in a recent livestream that the team has "put priority on designing this game’s battle system to appeal to those who previously have not played or are not well versed in action games.”

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Suzuki went on to say: “I hope that those who have never played an action game before can go and try out Final Fantasy 16. I hope this game will give you a chance to experience the allure that an action game can bring.” Suzuki has previously worked at Capcom on titles like Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter, and Dragon's Dogma, so he's no stranger to changing up styles. 

While I'm yet to play a Final Fantasy game, I've enjoyed my fair share of Devil May Cry titles. So as a newcomer and the potential target audience for this upcoming action game, the idea that Ryota Suzuki thinks this could be the perfect title for newcomers has made me think that it might be time to dive in. 

Newcomers can also expect to look forward to Final Fantasy Rebirth. Following on from Final Fantasy 7 remake, this RPG looks like it'll take the series in a bold new direction with several tweaks being introduced that'll hopefully make it more accessible to a new audience. 

Final Fantasy 16 is set to release June 22, 2023 and will be available on PS5

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