Drive smarter and safer this winter with Garmin

Garmin Satnav on dashboard
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From terrible weather to low winter sun, driving at this time of year can be challenging –and that’s before you factor in roadworks and accidents, changing city centres, unfamiliar routes, soaring petrol prices and other people’s driving. 

That’s why Garmin’s latest dash cams and sat navs are such great buys: while they’re really handy all year round, they really shine in the colder, wetter months. They’re great for any kind of driver, but they’re particularly helpful for those of us who rack up lots of miles.

Garmin’s sat navs and dash cams use cutting-edge technology to help you drive more safely, more efficiently and more enjoyably. They’re made by drivers for drivers, delivering all the features you need to help you get where you’re going while you focus on the road. 

If you haven’t used a Garmin sat nav or dash cam before, or if you do and you’ve had your model for a few years now, you’ll be amazed at what these brilliant driver aids can do for your daily drives.

 Small cameras. Big protection

Garmin's Dash Cam and SatNav range

(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin’s Dash Cam range offers an unbeatable combination of wide viewing angles, crystal clear video and ease of use. Take the Dash Cam 47, for example. It captures the critical details in crisp 1080p HD with GPS tagging to record when and where events are detected. When there is constant power to the dash cam, Live View allows you to check on your car remotely, Parking Guard records any incidents that are detected when your vehicle is parked, and Driver Alerts help you avoid hazards. Plus, because it’s voice controlled, you can keep your hands on the wheel.

The Dash Cam 57 is even better, upping the video quality even further to deliver 1440p, and the Dash Cam 67W increases the already huge viewing angle from 140 degrees to 180.

Every camera in the Garmin Dash Cam collection is incredibly compact, but if you want the smallest, most portable dash cam you’ll love the truly tiny Dash Cam Mini 2

It’s the size of a car key, and like its bigger siblings, it offers high definition recording, voice control, Live View and Parking Guard. In a nice touch, its dual USB enables you to power your phone and your Dash Cam at the same time. Its tiny size means it’s also ideal for using across multiple vehicles

Drive smarter with Garmin

Garmin's Dash Cam and SatNav range

(Image credit: Garmin)

The latest Garmin DriveSmart sat navs enable you to drive smarter than ever before thanks to Garmin Voice Assistance for voice guidance and hands-free operation; driver alerts of possible hazards; clear and detailed maps of the UK, Ireland and Europe; TripAdvisor traveller ratings; live traffic information; and new data to warn you about low emission zones and other environmental restrictions. 

Garmin’s superb maps are crystal clear on the bright, crisp 6” display of the DriveSmart 66, and if you’d like an even bigger display the DriveSmart 76 and DriveSmart 86 come with seven and eight-inch displays respectively.

That’s not all. Garmin’s DriveSmart sat navs are also available with Alexa built in, enabling you to enjoy the ultimate voice-controlled, hands-free experience. You can ask Alexa to play music, check the news, tell you the weather forecast and much more. 

Whether you’re a road warrior or drive for the sheer joy of it, Garmin’s devices can help you make the most of every journey.