DocuSign turns to AI power for its latest identity check tool

(Image credit: DocuSign)

Leading eSign firm DocuSign has launched a new identity verification (IDV) tool powered by AI for EU and UK markets. 

ID Verification for EU Qualified allows a person's identity to be verified remotely, without needing to use video conferencing software or in-person checks, all in a bid to speed up the process considerably

DocuSign claims that the new feature can be used in various documents across numerous industries, such as loan agreements in finance, policy documents and claim forms in Insurance, agreements and witnessing in housing, prescriptions and claims in Healthcare, and contracts in employment matters.

Streamlining verification

What's more, the firm also claims that it meets the "stringent identity verification requirements necessary to be considered a qualified electronic signature (QES), the most rigorous digital signature standard in the EU and UK."

The identity standards as set by the European Standards Organization (ESO) ETSI, as well as those of regional cyber security agencies such as ANSSI in France, are also complied with by the new solution.

Identity verification can also be completed on Mobile, with an interface designed to work well on such devices. As for the AI, DocuSign says that it uses "liveness detection and selfie comparison" to help combat fraud and acts of identity theft that make use of deep fakes and the like. 

Every signature also comes with a digital certificate, and the verification status is logged in the eSignature Certificate of Completion, which helps when it comes to audits.

“Europe continues to be a key priority for DocuSign, and the launch of IDV for EU Qualified as a homegrown European solution is yet another sign of our strong commitment to the region,” says Allan Thygesen, Chief Executive Officer, DocuSign.

"Trust, security and simplicity are the cornerstones of everything we do, and this latest IDV offering is a perfect example of how we bring these principles to life for our customers."

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