Taiwanese server vendors move into European, US markets

OEMs and ODMs are increasingly competing with their own clients.
OEMs and ODMs are increasingly competing with their own clients.

Original design manufacturers (ODM) Quanta computer and Winstron, who ply their trades making laptops for almost everyone on the market are going to set up and convert existing laptop factories to meet the demand for servers used in data centres in Europe and North America

Digitimes reports that both companies will retool existing infrastructure as demand for laptops cools. The move will be in conjunction with a marketing push I the US and Europe.

Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook will be the four big cloud computing companies targeted in the US, with Internet service providers, telecom carriers and large enterprises being the focus in Europe.

The move is likely to increase competition amongst existing players. Foxconn (now in partnership with HP), Quanta and a few smaller vendors have identified the hyperscale market as potentially lucrative one worth $3 billion according to analyst firm TRBI.

Intel's VP in charge of anything data-centre related, Diane Bryant, identified seven big customers (the four aforementioned as well as Chinese-based Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba) as well as around 200 other public cloud providers.

Source Digitimes

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