Sony Vaio S laptop gets glasses-free 3D display

Sony Vaio S laptop gets a glasses-free 3D display
Look ma, no glasses!

Sony has decided to gives its Vaio S laptop a glasses-free 3D display but not in the conventional way.

Instead of the company offering a new line of Vaio S machines with glasses-free 3D functionality it has released a clip-on screen that turns your laptop into a 3D machine.

The technology - shown off at CEATEC 201 - is used is very similar to what is in the Toshiba Qosmio F750 3D, what is the world's first glasses-free laptop.

Sony vaio s

The clip-on screen is full HD and lenticular and it works in unison with the laptop's web camera.

The reason for this is that the web camera tracks your eye movements, so that no matter where you are looking at the screen you get an optimum 3D viewing experience.

sony vaio s

The tech isn't perfect. In our test, there was a lot of image ghosting but we found that this was a similar problem with the F750 3D.

sony vaio s

It is interesting that Sony has chosen not to create an entirely separate range of laptops with the lenticular screen and is instead offering an 'add-on' option – you get the feeling that it doesn't have much faith in the current market for glasses-free 3D latops.

sony vaio s

There's no word if the Sony Vaio S clip-on screen will come to the UK, so for the moment you will have to purchase the Sony Vaio F series if you want 3D from Sony – and you will have to put up with wearing glasses as well for the time being.

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