Nvidia debuts nippy Grid 2.0 enterprise virtualisation tech

Nvidia's Tower of Power shows Grid 2.0 in action
Nvidia's Tower of Power shows Grid 2.0 in action

Nvidia is moving a step closer to putting any application on any device by debuting its new GRID 2.0 virtualisation technology.

Jumping to the top of the agenda at this week's VMWorld conference, the technology has been dubbed by Nvidia as being able to deliver the "most graphics-intensive apps to any device virtually" by hauling GPUs into the data centre.

What that does is support a huge level of graphics within the enterprise, virtual desktops and apps specifically, and means that employees access company infrastructure anywhere without delay.

The Grid 2.0 system doubles the number of users that can access it over the previous version, thus allowing up to 128 users per service. It also doubles the speed of application performance compared to what was present before.

Live this month

Grid, in its new guise, also provides a much higher level of support for apps and operating systems with Linux and Windows-based apps supported from the outset plus it now supports virtual desktops on blade servers as well as rack servers.

Various enterprises have started to use Grid 2.0 and a number of manufacturers including Dell, HP, Cisco and Lenovo are already implementing Grid 2.0 on 125 server models. It is even already out in the wild, albeit in a limited beta mode, with a range of corporate customers in the Fortune 500 world 'giving it a go. For everyone else, it goes live from September 15 and more information will be available for anyone attending VMWorld.