Computex 2015: The best bits

Intel-ligent upgrades

Computex 2015

Computex is massive in its own right, but every year chipmaker Intel goes out of its way to keep Moore's Law alive.

Last year they used the Taipei conference to announce its Core M processor, the earliest version of its Broadwell platform.

We already know that Intel is planning on unleashing a new Thunderbolt cable at the conference, and there's going to be a big focus on the Internet of Things during the chipmaker's keynote.

Will we see Broadwell's successor, Skylake? It will undoubtedly be discussed by the chipmaker, but whether we see it on the show floor remains to be seen.

Cloud control

Computex 2015

The Internet of Things is coming. And that means everything will be connected, both to each other, and to the cloud.

And so now that these things are going to be connected, security is going to be an ongoing concern.

To address this issue, Computex is hosting a dedicated Cloud Security forum during the event.

On top of that, you can expect a range of exhibitors doing their best to showcase their own solutions to the ongoing challenges faced by the growing Internet of Things industry.

Acer has confirmed it will showcase the company's latest developments in its Build Your Own Cloud system that allows users to host their own cloud and wirelessly sync it across a custom ecosystem of devices.

Components and Cases

Computex 2015

Those bits and pieces that make up your computer? They get better each and every year.

We know that major component manufacturers like AMD, Intel, Gigabyte and Nvidia, among others, will all be at the show demonstrating their newest technology.

Zotac has some exciting news for gamers with plans to launch two new iterations of its gaming E series of micro PCs and the new GeForce GTX Titan X Arctic Storm graphics card with an integrated water and air cooling systems.

But it's not just internal components that will be filling up the show floor at Computex 2015. One of the best parts of the Asian tech conference is discovering the biggest, craziest PC cases the world can create.

Given a lot of the show floor is invariably made up of smaller companies looking to get some exposure, this market is going to be great to watch.

Peripherals and accessories

Computex 2015

You need a new mouse. And a new keyboard. And a NAS. And maybe some flash drives.

All of these things will play a big part at Computex. Basically, if you can connect it to your PC, then you can find it at Computex.

We'll be keeping a keen eye out for anything new and exciting, from updated Thunderbolt cables to the growing USB-C standard.

Yes, we said exciting. Don't laugh.

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