Cloudflare suffers another major outage

cloudflare outage
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UPDATED 03/07: All Cloudflare services have now been restored.

Web hosting provider Cloudflare has suffered a major outage that has taken many popular websites offline.

According to web monitoring service DownDetector, Cloudflare has been experiencing issues within the past hour. Major online services such as Discord, Shopify, and Coinbase have all been affected, with users unable to access websites or online portals.

Some websites have been able to get back online, but many are still waiting to recover at the time of publishing.

Major issue

As the outage unfolded, CEO Matthew Price tweeted: ‘Aware of major @Cloudflare issues impacting us network-wide. Team is working on getting to the bottom of what’s going on. Will continue to update.’

The outage even took down DownDetector for a period of time, leaving many users unable to see what other services were affected.

Today's outage is the latest a number of issues in recent weeks, most recently on June 24th, when a similar outage again took many sites offline. Another incident hit on May 31st, again taking many services out of service.

In a blog post outlining what had occurred, Cloudflare stated that a "global outage" had taken place during routine maintenance.

"We recognize that an incident like this is very painful for our customers," the company said. "Our testing processes were insufficient in this case and we are reviewing and making changes to our testing and deployment process to avoid incidents like this in the future."

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