Cloudflare is launching into the cloud storage market

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Web giant Cloudflare appears to be adding another product offering to its roster after announcing the launch of a new cloud storage service.

Promising to cut the bandwidth fees associated with typical cloud storage services, Cloudflare is aiming to deliver its new cloud storage offering at a cheaper price to ts competitors.

Cloudflare’s R2 cloud storage includes full S3 API compatibility, and works with existing tools and applications to give developers the ability to store large amounts of unstructured data.

S3 API compatibility makes it easier to move already written applications, with the new service reportedly 10% cheaper to operate than S3. 

Cloudflare meets cloud storage 

R2 will run across Cloudflare's global network and is priced at $0.015 per GB of data stored per month - compared to AWS’ standard S3 at $0.023 per GB monthly.

With Cloudflare already interconnected with around 25% of all global independent networks, the company is confident it will still make a profit despite the lack of egress fees and its cheaper pricing.

In regards to migrating data, Cloudflare said its R2 storage will include automatic migration from other S3-compatible cloud storage services such as AWS.

As Cloudflare presents itself as a contender in the cloud industry, the company says it will focus on offering a storage solution that provides all the functionality that other storage solutions do.

“Cloudflare R2 is designed to easily integrate with the rest of Cloudflare's products,” the company said in a blog post.

“As a few examples, our plan is to allow Durable Objects to be configured with R2 as a backup target, and provide automatic integration between R2 and Cloudflare cache to greatly extend cache lifetimes for infrequently changing objects.”

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