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Pick up a cheap PS4 controller for just $39 in Black Friday deals at Walmart

black friday PS4 controller deals
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Walmart have unleashed their Black Friday PS4 controller deals, and you can pick up a brand new DualShock 4 for just $39. There are plenty of Walmart Black Friday to take advantage of this week, but some of these limited edition color variants are a steal at under $40. There's an impressive range of controllers here, spanning colors and special editions rarely spotted at this price tag. So, if you've been looking to breathe new life into your PS4 console for its final year now's a great time to pick up some extra controllers. 

The DualShock 4 controller is the latest in Sony's line of PlayStation gamepads, designed for the PS4 console and used across the world. The design continues the classic PlayStation thumbstick and D-pad offering but adds incredible rumble features, motion sensors, built-in speakers and a touchpad along the face of the controller. 

This is a great time to jump on these Black Friday PS4 controller deals - it's the first time they've come down this far in price for the shopping season of 2019 and prices aren't likely to fall further when things really kick off next week. Every controller you see in this list is down to this amazing price this weekend, a great saving on everything from the standard black controller to the more adventurous Red Camo or Gold editions. 

Latest PS4 controller Black Friday deals

PlayStation 4 controller - black | Fortnite Neo Versa bundle | $59.99 $39 at Walmart
Our first deal is a little left field, but if you're at all interested in Fortnite, or know anyone who is, you'd be better off picking up this bundle instead of the controller by itself listed below. You're essentially grabbing some free Fortnite DLC swag at the same price as all the other controllers on this list and saving $20 on the full price!
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PlayStation 4 controller - black | $59.99 $39 at Walmart
The standard black controller is on sale at Walmart this weekend for $39. If you're just looking to replace an ageing gamepad without anything too fancy, this is the deal for you but you should know that there are other far more adventurous options available at the same price.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Glacier White | $64.99 $39 at Walmart
This Glacier White PS4 controller is usually about $5 more than the standard black version, but this weekend you can pick it up at the same $39 price tag. That's a great deal on a fantastic looking controller.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Midnight Blue | $64.99 $39 at Walmart
We're starting to veer outside of the every day now, but this Midnight Blue controller still keeps things subtle. It's a darker shade of blue than you may find on other controllers, making this a fine-looking controller fit for any gaming shelf.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Magma Red | $64.99 $39 at Walmart
This Magma Red color variant is a bright, fun addition to your gaming collection. The red really pops and at $39, you won't find this more expensive version cheaper anywhere else.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Electric Purple | $58.95 $39 at Walmart
Electric Purple isn't a color you see very often, and as a 2019 addition to the DualShock roster, you'd be mad to miss this great Black Friday PS4 controller deal if you're a fan. Just like the other color variants out there, the purple is fairly bright and vivid so this isn't one for an understated games room.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Gold | $64.99 $39 at Walmart
This is another high price tag PS4 controller seeing an amazing discount this weekend at Walmart. The Gold controller has been out for a while now, but it's rarely included in discounts, so jump on this while you can.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Rose Gold | $58 $39 at Walmart
This is one of the latest PS4 controller color variants to hit store shelves, so this discount is welcome even if it does represent less money saved than some of the others.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Steel Black | $64.99 $39 at Walmart
If you're tired of your boring black controller but don't want to splash too much color around your games room, this Steel Black variant offers a metallic finish that might just fit the bill.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Titanium Blue | $57.75 $39 at Walmart
This is another Black Friday PS4 controller deal straight from the latest lineup of gamepads from Sony. A metallic finish and light color scheme will keep this DualShock 4 from blending with the rest, and at $39 this is a great shout.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Red Camo | $59.80 $39 at Walmart
The Camo series of DualShock 4 controllers tend to divide their audiences. If you're in favor of the more outlandish design, this red version keeps the vivid colors of some of the non-camo versions as well as the $39 price tag.
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PlayStation 4 controller - Green Camo | $64.99 $39 at Walmart
The very same PlayStation 4 controller Black Friday deal is available on the Green Camo version. This is more in keeping with the camo style, and with a $39 price tag you're saving a bunch of cash as well.

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PlayStation 4 controller - Blue Camo | $49.99 $39 at Walmart
With a 'before' price of $49.99, this Blue Camo version is only $10 off in all these Black Friday PS4 controller sales. That said, it's still an excellent deal if you're after the design as you'd be pressed to find it cheaper anywhere else this weekend.
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Still looking for a DualShock 4 at other retailers too? They not as cheap as Walmart today, but you'll find a roundup in our cheap PS4 controller deals page. While you're rejuvenating your PlayStation, you might also want to check out these great PS Plus deals to save some cash on your monthly membership.