Capcom teases upcoming announcement - what could be revealed?

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Resident Evil and Monster Hunter publisher Capcom has launched a new teaser page on its website, hinting at an upcoming announcement.

Although offering no information on what the potential announcement could be, the teaser page does include a countdown timer.

That countdown is set to end on February 20 9pm PST / February 21 5am GMT / 12am EST. We’ll find out what Capcom has in store for us then.

You can watch the timer in all of its glory on Capcom’s countdown page.

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Analysis: what could be announced?

The enigmatic countdown timer doesn’t give much away as to what we can expect Capcom to reveal next week. But given its slate of upcoming releases, we can make several bets on what the publisher is going to show.

More content for Resident Evil Village is high on the list. The survival horror game that released last year is set to receive a batch of free DLC sometime in 2022. We haven’t heard any details on that front since Capcom inadvertently revealed the news in an annual report, so it might be high time the publisher spilled the beans.

Street Fighter 6 might also make an appearance. Street Fighter 5’s Pro Tour 2021 international tournament is set to wrap up next weekend, just before the countdown timer reaches its end. That might be a fitting time for Capcom to reveal its sequel and sixth mainline entry in the series.

Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion, the game's major expansion coming to Nintendo Switch and PC later this summer, could also get a look in. Few details about the expansion have been shown so far, outside of Capcom promising it will be a huge release that rivals the size and quality of the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World.

If Capcom really wanted to surprise us, it might give us another look at Pragmata, the sci-fi action adventure game from the minds of several developers who worked on the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series. An original IP, Pragmata was first revealed in 2020 alongside a fairly puzzling trailer and announced for release this year. Capcom since delayed the game to next year, but hasn’t given us any more details on what, exactly, the game is supposed to be.

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