Big changes could be coming in the most popular programming languages

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Python could soon topple C and Java to emerge as the world’s most popular programming language, according to programming watchdogs TIOBE.

Announcing the July 2021 TIOBE Index, CEO Pau Jansen commented that while Python remains on the third spot behind C, and Java, the difference in popularity between the top spot and Python is down to 0.67%.

“This means that the next few months will be exciting. What language is going to win this battle? Python seems to have the best chances to become number 1, thanks to its market leadership in the booming field of data mining and artificial intelligence,” said Jansen.

Jansen notes that even two decades back, C and Java were among the top three languages. However, both languages have registered a significant drop in popularity of late, while Python, which was named the programming language of the year for gaining the most popularity in 2020, has continued to grow.

In fact, the top three have jostled for position in the past as well. Most recently, back in November 2020, Python had toppled Java for the second spot on the podium, before slipping back to the third spot in January 2021. Java too has been on the top spot in the past, most recently in March 2021. 

Pitting the results against those compiled by developer analyst Redmonk, ZDNet reports that RedMonk's Q1 2021 rankings place JavaScript in top place, followed by Python and Java, hinting once again to the popularity of Python, which is used by everyone from first-time programmers to veteran data scientists.

Mayank Sharma

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