Arm is offering free access to some of its most popular kit

Flexible Access for Startups Program
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Arm has announced that it is expanding its existing Flexible Access program to include early-stage silicon startups who will now be able to use the company's IP and resources to grow their businesses.

Arm Flexible Access for Startups is a new initiative that will provide silicon startups with zero-cost access to Arm's IP portfolio, tools, training and full support for early-experimentation, design and prototype silicon.

In a press release, senior vice president and general manager of automotive and IoT at Arm, Dipti Vachani explained how the program will provide silicon startups with a more cost-efficient path to working prototypes, saying:

“In today’s challenging business landscape, enabling innovation is critical – now more than ever, startups with brilliant ideas need the fastest, most trusted route to success and scale. Arm Flexible Access for Startups offers new silicon entrants a faster, more cost-efficient path to working prototypes, resulting in strengthened investor confidence for future funding.”

Arm Flexible Access for Startups

With the expansion of Arm's Flexible Access program, early-stage silicon startups can now access a wide range of the company's IP at no cost which will allow them to experiment, design and prototype using various Arm solutions throughout the product development cycle.

Startups with up to $5m in funding can participate in the program and they will have access to a broad portfolio of Arm-based processors such as Arm Cortex A, R, and M processor families, select Arm Mali GPUs, ISPs and other foundational SoC building blocks.

Participating startups will also gain access to Arm's ecosystem of silicon designers, software developers, support, training and tools to supplement their in-house skills and experience.

Arm also announced a new strategic partnership with Silicon Catalyst which is an incubator focused exclusively on helping startups accelerate silicon solutions. Members of the incubator can now access Arm IP, EDA tools and prototype silicon for free to significantly reduce costs.

Interested silicon startups can apply to join Arm's Flexible Access program here.

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