Android leads the way in business but security concerns remain

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New research from Panasonic Business has shed light on the fact that the use of Android tablets and handhelds are on the rise in business but security still remains a big concern for many organizations.

On average, 72 percent of tablets and handhelds used in business run Google's Android operating system and the number of devices is expected to rise with 60 percent of device buyers saying Android is still being integrated into their organizations.

Businesses choose Android over other operating systems for flexibility (59%), security (58%) and affordability (52%).

However, businesses believe they should be updating their devices with security patches more often with those surveyed saying they think these updates should occur four times a year more than they currently do.

Security and updates

The methods used to deploy security patches vary from organization to organization with 66 percent relying on the IT department, 38 percent using a mobile device management (MDM) solution, 30 percent updating via firmware over the air, 23 percent relying on the user, 22 percent using an IT support company and 16 percent using a reseller.

Businesses currently update the Android operating system on each device they use five times per year and expect device manufacturers to provide OS updates for up to three years after the device's end of life.

Panasonic Computer Product Solutions' General Manager for marketing, Jan Kaempfer explained that while Android devices are on the rise in business, securing them still remains a challenge, saying:

“The march of Android mobile devices into the business world continues apace but how IT departments effectively manage and secure these devices remains a challenge. It is important that buyers recognise that not all Android mobile devices are equal. They should look closely at the management and security functionality being offered by their vendor and their Android engineering experience. With the use of the latest over air updates and management consoles, IT departments can save considerable time and money automating their updates by choosing the right device with the right management and security functionality.”

Anthony Spadafora

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