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Alder Security evaluation
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Alder Security is an American home security company balancing DIY systems with 24/7 monitoring. These systems occupy an increasingly crowded middle-ground between premium and entry-level security solutions. This will deter some customers who prefer either a fully DIY service or a premium end-to-end solution. 

However, for customers looking for an affordable home security network with included 24/7 monitoring, we definitely wouldn’t discount Alder’s offerings as the best home security system for you. 

Plans and pricing

Discussing home security pricing is always a challenge because most providers don’t publish their pricing models online. Alder is no exception, and to receive a quote, customers need to contact the company. Nonetheless, we can still discuss the affordability of an Alder Security system in broad terms. 

Alder Security systems are more affordable than other premium services such as ADT, Vivint, or Verisure. This is because installation is DIY and related costs are non-existent. Alder Security also doesn’t include an in-person security service such as Verisure’s Guard, which keeps the price low.

From our analysis, monthly fees are typically between $30 and $50 per month, placing the company at the lower end of the premium range of home security products. Therefore, the company is likely to appeal to customers who want a 24/7 monitoring service but don’t want to fork out excessive monthly fees. 

Like many premium home security providers, Alder Security requires new customers to sign up for a three-year contract. Cancellation fees are high, so purchasing an Alder Security system necessitates a long-term commitment to the company. Total costs over three years range between $1200 and $2000 per month.

Alder Security evaluation

The company doesn’t publish its prices on the website (Image credit: Alder Security)

How it works

Alder Security blends DIY setup with premium 24/7 monitoring, which separates the company from many of its competitors. After contacting the company and receiving a quote, your hardware will be sent directly to your home. It is then the user's responsibility to install the system, although this is quickly done and is unlikely to pose an issue for the vast majority of customers. 

Once the system is set up, you have immediate and ongoing access to the 24/7 monitoring center.

Alder Security evaluation

Alder Security provides DIY systems with premium 24/7 monitoring (Image credit: Alder Security)

Features and services

The core component of any home security system is the control panel. It ties together the various sensors and cameras and provides functionality to the user. So when judging a home security system, the control panel is one of the first places we look.

Fortunately, the Alder Simple Panel is mostly impressive. The 7" touchscreen is certainly a plus, as is its 4G network capability. We also like that it is fully portable, enabling the user to place it where it will be most useful. If you prefer to mount it on a wall, this is also possible.

However, the UI of the panel is somewhat limited and doesn't provide any innovative features. It enables you to arm and disarm your system, and contact the 24/7 monitoring center, but isn't useful for much else. The absence of smart home features is disappointing.

Alder Security evaluation

The Alder Simple Panel is easy to use and performs as described, but isn’t rich in features (Image credit: Alder Security)

In recent years, most home security providers have evolved to provide not only burglary protection but also fire, flood, and gas leak protection. Alder Security is no exception. The smart smoke detector is a totally wireless sensor that will alert you of any fires or CO2 leaks in your home. We appreciate that the system will send an alert to your phone before the alarm goes off.

Alder Security evaluation

Smart smoke detectors are now a standard feature in home security systems (Image credit: Alder Security)

In a similar fashion to the Smart Home Detector, the Flood Detector protects your home against water leaks. Flooded bathrooms or basements can quickly destroy an entire home, so it's certainly a worthwhile addition to your Alder Security system.

Alder Security evaluation

Not all home security providers offer flood detectors, so this is a big plus (Image credit: Alder Security)

Support and customer care

The online customer support page provides an extensive range of how-to videos and tutorials, making managing your Alder Security system simple. We are impressed by this easy-to-navigate support framework. 

Customers can also contact the company via email or phone number, and existing customers have 24/7 access to the monitoring center in case of emergencies. 

However, we feel obliged to criticize the company's website. Home security systems are a fairly significant investment for most families, so we'd expect a provider's website to provide in-depth information and details. Unfortunately, Alder Security's website offers plenty of pictures and buzzwords, but not much technical or in-depth information. This makes it hard for potential customers to compare the company to its competitors.

Alder Security evaluation

We were impressed by the online support options (Image credit: Alder Security)

The competition

Alder Security's closest competitors include premium services such as ADT, Vivint, and Brinks. ADT and Vivint are more expensive but include professional installation and ongoing maintenance, which might appeal to elderly customers with less mobility, or less tech-savvy customers. 

Brinks resembles Alder Security in that both are primarily a DIY service, but with included 24/7 monitoring. This saves on costs but necessitates a greater time investment by the user. Although there is little to separate these competitors, Brinks has a broader range of hardware options. 

If you're looking for a fully DIY security solution at minimal cost, however, you might want to consider a service such as Abode. For only a fraction of a premium solution's cost, users can install a reliable and relatively feature-rich system.

Final verdict

Alder Security offers competitive DIY systems with 24/7 monitoring, making it more affordable than end-to-end solutions, but more powerful than fully DIY systems. However, the company doesn’t provide any innovative features and has a fairly limited range of hardware options. 

While there aren’t many major negatives, there’s also little to inspire us.

Darcy French