9 Media-Tech predictions for 2020: the verdicts are in

(Image credit: Sean Locke / EyeEm)

The future has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

When Applicaster laid out their vision of the media-tech landscape for 2020 back in December, very few (if anyone!) could have predicted the coming pandemic and the seismic impact it would have on our industry. However, despite this sea change, a number of their OTT predictions have come to pass. A few haven’t, and then with a few more the jury is still out. Their crystal ball served us fairly well. 

See how Applicaster's OTT predictions fared and catch up on the latest industry insights, including:

  • Did Disney+ beat other newcomers in the streaming wars?
  • Are media companies actually experimenting with different OTT business models?
  • Did we drop the ‘crystal ball’ when predicting viewers would max out on streaming services (it seems likely!)?
  • What is happening with merging revenue models?
  • Does metadata matter more than ever?

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