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CIOs fear "burden" of IoT projects

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New research from the software intelligence company Dynatrace has revealed that almost two-thirds of CIOs believe that Internet of Things (IoT) technology will become a major burden as IoT multiplies the complexity of enterprise cloud ecosystems.

The company surveyed 800 CIOs worldwide to better understand their views on IoT and how this emerging technology could potentially affect their businesses.

Respondents to the survey believe IoT will become a major burden because 78 per cent of CIOs said there is a risk that their organisation will rollout IoT strategies without a plan or solution in place to help manage the performance of the complex cloud ecosystems that underpin IoT rollouts. 

Additionally, 69 per cent of CIOs predict that IoT will become a major performance management burden as they struggle to overcome the escalating complexity of their modern enterprise cloud environments.

Challenges of IoT deployments

Digital performance expert at Dynatrace, Dave Anderson provided further insight on the complexity of IoT ecosystems in cloud environments, saying:

“Businesses across every industry are eagerly exploring IoT’s potential to engage new markets, drive new revenue and create stronger competitive advantage. However, IoT ecosystems and delivery chains are intricate and boundless, which creates unprecedented frequency of change, size and complexity in the cloud environments on which they are built. Enterprises are already struggling to master cloud complexity and now IOT substantially magnifies this challenge.” 

Dynatrace's survey also found that 73 per cent of CIOS worry that the number of third-parties and internal resources involved in IoT service delivery chains will make it incredibly difficult to identify who is responsible when problems arise.

However, AI capabilities and the ability to automate most of the processes that support IoT deployments could play a crucial role in the success of businesses IoT strategies according to 84 per cent of respondents.

Anthony Spadafora

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