Warzone meta: best guns for the Season 6 battlefield

Warzone meta - A character on crowded streets fires a gun
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Familiarizing yourself with the Warzone meta after the launch of the newest battle pass is essential to your success on the battlefield, the relaunched game will be no exception

Knowing which guns to cop is an important aspect of securing wins, and we’re about to make that a piece of cake.

Grabbing any floor loot you find as you race through Caldera will only get you so far, and the same goes for calling in the default loadouts. Whether you’re new to Warzone or just returning to catch a glimpse of Warzone Rebirth before it vanishes from the playlist again, the armory of guns is absolutely mind-boggling. 

There is a ton of choice, and it’s not always clear which guns are any good - especially without getting your hands on the weapons first. Your trusty pistol is only going to be a one-way ticket to the gulag, and even old favorites may have changed following the release of Warzone 2.

You aren’t alone if you have trouble telling a Kar98k from an M1916. With well over 100 guns available, figuring out where to start is a nightmare. While you start to develop personal favorites at the gun buffet, we’re here to give you a good place to start. 

After scouring the battlefield for answers, these are the best Warzone guns we’ve found across the latest Warzone seasons, guaranteed to have you locked, loaded, and ready to step into the fray.

Warzone meta: breaking down the guns

Warzone meta: long range picks

Godzilla stomps around the Caldera map

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Engagements at medium to long range are common on Caldera, and being able to dominate from a distance will put you in a great position to succeed. While this is less of a priority on the smaller Rebirth mode map, don’t overlook the need to engage distant opponents early in rounds. 


Warzone meta - the Automaton

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  • Description: Easy-to-control automatic rifle
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: Assault Rifle
  • Unlocked: Player level 8

The Automaton is an excellent choice if you struggle with controlling your automatic fire. It's got extremely manageable recoil and great accuracy, which lets you hit more shots consistently at any range, and the fire rate earns it the fully justified ‘laser’ nickname. 


Warzone meta - the XM4

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  • Description: Heavy recoil automatic rifle
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: Assault Rifle
  • Unlocked: Player level 4

On the other end of the spectrum, the XM4’s recoil is difficult to conquer. But hidden behind the skill required is an excellent and versatile gun. Just don’t take it lightly, because the XM4 requires practice to master. If you expect to just pick it up, you’ll find the erratic recoil pattern will leave you embarrassed by someone with a simpler gun. 


Warzone meta - guns

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  • Description: Powerful light machine gun
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: LMG
  • Unlocked: Player level 53

The Bren is a powerhouse at mid-range, as long as you don’t mind toting around such a heavy weapon. Focus your upgrades on handling recoil and increasing accuracy and it will be an even more reliable way to mow down entire squads. Just don’t neglect a weapon to pair it with when it gets unwieldy close up. 


Warzone meta - AK47

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  • Description: Lethal automatic rifle
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: Assault Rifle
  • Unlocked: Player level 7

Another gun with a lot of kick in the recoil, the CW AK47 is a high damage weapon that can secure fast kills. Unlike the XM4, its recoil pattern is a bit easier to manage, and you’ll find it feels more like throwing boulders than lobbing rocks at your opponent. The damage makes the CW AK47 excel at midrange while still being able to hit shots at long range. 

Swiss K31

Warzone meta - Swiss K31

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  • Description: Accurate and powerful bolt-action rifle
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: Sniper Rifle
  • Unlocked: Get at least two headshot kills with a Sniper Rifle in 15 different completed matches 

Powerful and fast-firing, the K31 is an excellent pick for sharpshooters who want to be able to dominate from range. The changes in Season 3 brought increased accuracy and damage and reduced the time to aim-down-sights, while the more popular kar98 saw a parallel set of nerfs, leaving the K31 in a great spot near the top. 

Warzone meta: short range picks

An operator wearing Godzilla gear and holding a Godzilla themed gun

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As the circles tighten and opponents close in, encounters with other squads become deadly close-range fights. Long range becomes far less important than a powerful brawling weapon, or a gun with the versatility to engage at both short and medium ranges. Don’t hesitate to prepare for this part of the round, especially on Rebirth Island or if you plan to drop in hotly contested areas. 

JAK 12

Warzone meta - JAK-12

(Image credit: Activision)
  • Description: Devastating full-auto shotgun
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: Shotgun
  • Unlocked:  Get 3 hip-fire kills using a Shotguns in seven different matches 

Spraying down enemies with full-auto shotgun fire is both satisfying and effective in close range duels, and the JAK 12 is the right gun for the job. While the close range power is formidable, the JAK 12 is even more useful for the fact that it can be kitted out to increase its range and tighten its spread – making it a medium range threat as well.  


Warzone meta - MP40

(Image credit: Activision)
  • Description:  Versatile full-auto SMG 
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: SMG
  • Unlocked:  Player level 16

While it isn’t as rapid firing as other SMG's, the MP40 does great damage and makes it easy to manage your recoil. If you aren’t sure what to choose, this is a safe choice and it will always have your back when the circle closes. It also makes a great support weapon for your sniper loadouts and can even reach out to medium range. 

Owen Gun

Warzone meta - Owen Gun

(Image credit: Activision)
  • Description:  Fast firing full-auto SMG 
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: SMG
  • Unlocked:  Player level 29

With a weird top-mounted magazine sticking into your field of vision, the Owen Gun can take getting used to. If you persevere, you’ll find the Owen Gun brings a higher rate of fire than the MP40, and competes with it in every other category – save for range. Pick it if you want an even faster time to kill than the MP40 offers. 

Cooper Carbine

Warzone meta - Cooper Carbine

(Image credit: Activision)
  • Description:  Rapid fire automatic rifle
  • Type: Primary weapon
  • Class: Assault Rifle
  • Unlocked: Get 5 or more headshots using Assault Rifles in 15 different completed matches 

As an excellent short-range pick, the Cooper Carbine brings a fast rate of fire and the potential for high accuracy. If you enjoy weapons that help you tighten your fire to pick off targets with ease, upgrading the Cooper will dial in a great choice. 

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